One of the most popular dialogues in Pokemon franchise is “gotta catch em all.” But catching every Pokemon can be a tricky task when it comes to Pokemon Go. The reason for this is that some Pokemon have a very low spawn rate or some only hatch through eggs.

One Pokemon pair which is really hard to catch in Pokemon Go is Riolu/Lucario. Speaking of Lucario, it is a steel-fighting type Pokemon who first made its appearance in Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. He was first seen in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl game.


Riolu/Lucario made its entry to Pokemon Go game in October 2018, but this Pokemon is so rare that only a few lucky ones get a chance to have Riolu/Lucario.

As this Pokemon is only available from 7km and 10km Eggs and chance of hatching or getting one is extremely low. The chance of hatching /getting Riolu is only 0.7%.


A Pokemon Go player ‘u/Fruitymcdoo’ explained the true cost of Riolu on a Pokemon Go forum.

According to him, the chance of getting Riolu is 0.7%, that is (~7/1000). Also, players will need USD 66.20 to have this Pokemon in their Pokedex, or an average player will have to walk 1000 km who is having 7 km eggs to get a Riolu.

He has explained the cost of Riolu in the following manner:

On average each player will need to hatch 143 eggs to get a Riolu. With 3 uses per incubator, that’s a total of 48 incubators used.

That comes out to a total of 9,600 COINS for Super Incubators, or 7,200 with normal incubators. This is equivalent to USD 66.20 and around USD 50.00 respectively if buying coins from the shop.

If you wanted to do this with only coins earned via gym defense, it would take at least 192 DAYS due to the 50 coin limit. The average free player with only the default incubator would have to walk just over 1,000km with only 7k eggs to get a Riolu.

Please keep in mind that I am discussing averages. Some players may get multiple Riolus in a row; some may get none. These statistics will be accurate when looking at a large sample of the player base.

Tap to Zoon

We have to see whether this trend will continue for future Pokemon, as to shell $60 for a Pokemon is a bit high. Also, given the popularity of Lucario, a non-Legendary/Mythical Pokemon has not been available for raids yet.


Meanwhile, Pokemon Go July Community day is going to begin on July 21st from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at your local time. The upcoming community day will feature a Water-type Pokemon Mudkip. Players will also receive 3-hour Lures and 3x Catch XP bonuses for the event.


As usual, Mudkip will spawn more frequently in the wild. Also, Armored Mewtwo is available for Raid in Pokemon Go until July 31, 2019.

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