Apex Legends not gaining RP in Ranked Mode bug officially acknowledged

Apex Legends is one of the best free-to-play battle royale games available in the market. Apex Legends rose to instant fame with its unannounced release. The game garnered a total of 50 million players in just a month of its release.

Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legend Season 2 on July 2, and it has brought a lot of new additions to the game. The new season brought a new character ‘Wattson‘ and L-star weapon to the game. Also, Apex Legends Season 2 brought in Ranked mode, which was one of the most awaited features for the game.

Apex-Legends-Not Gaining-RP in-Ranked Mode

Ranked mode puts players into matches of the same skills, which helps to avoid a situation where you are being sniped by some professional or a highly skilled player in the game.

Bugs and issues have continuously plagued Apex Legends game, and now a new issue is affecting a mass player base. A new Apex Legends bug is not granting RP (Ranked Points) in the Ranked mode of the game.

The issue of not gaining Ranked Points in the Ranked Mode of Apex Legends is proliferating on Apex Legends official forum. Have a look at the list of complaints made on EA official forum by different players on this issue.

Apex-Legends-Not Gaining-RP in-Ranked Mode

Apex-Legends-Not Gaining-RP in-Ranked Mode

EA Community Manager, EA_David has officially acknowledged the issue twice, but there is no official word from any Respawn Official or Respawn Entertainment when this issue resolves.

Apex-Legends-Not Gaining-RP in-Ranked Mode

Apex-Legends-Not Gaining-RP in-Ranked Mode

We certainly hope that Respawn is looking into this matter and will provide a fix soon. We are keeping a close watch on this issue and will update this column as and when any fix arrives.

For a quick refresher, you can learn about Apex Legends Ranked mode and how it works from below.

Apex Legends Ranked mode has been divided into six ranks – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Apex Predator. All these ranks are further subdivided into four sub-ranks, excluding Apex Predator.

Players can earn Ranked points based on kills, finishing position and for being a Champion.

Per Kill – 1 Ranked Point (Up to a maximum of 5 Ranked Points)
Top 3 – 7 Ranked Points
Top 5 – 4 Ranked Points
Top 10 – 2 Ranked Points
Champion – 12 Ranked Points

Also, there is a match entry RP Cost, to play a match in the Ranked mode of the game, excluding the Bronze rank.

Match Entry RP Cost

Bronze – Free
Silver – 1 RP
Gold – 2 RP
Platinum – 3 RP
Diamond – 4 RP
Apex Predator – 5RP

For the opening season, everyone starts at bronze rank and progression in the Ranked mode will earn you badges, weapon cosmetics. It will also unlock more Ranks, but there is a minimum threshold of Ranked points players need to have to unlock the next rank.

Silver – 120 RP
Gold – 280 RP
Platinum – 480 RP
Diamond – 720 RP
Apex Predator – 1000 RP

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