Apex Legends was released back in February, and the game became a huge success even with its silent release. No one would have thought that a game with no official announcement could snatch this much success in such a short period.

Apex Legends became so popular that it garnered ten million players in just 72 hours of its release, and within a month the game’s player base reached a massive 50 million players.

But the success was short-lived as too many hackers plagued the game and a lack of regular updates infuriated the players. Apex Legends is very slow in providing updates for the game when compared to its rival Fortnite.

Hackers have always kept Apex Legends developers puzzled, and many times Respawn has sent huge ban waves against hackers. But it always felt short, as genuine player base still feels the game has been constantly bugged by hackers.


Apex Legends Season 2 is coming in July and will also bring the much awaited Ranked Mode to the Apex Legends. But what is Ranked mode in Apex Legends? How will it work? What steps can Respawn take to stop hackers from spoiling Ranked mode?

Ranked mode for Apex Legends will have six tiers progression, which was confirmed by Drew McCoy, Apex Legends director at EA Play 2019. Ranked mode for Apex Legends will be based on matchmaking with an equal level of players. Tiers for Apex Legends will go up from Bronze level to Apex Predator.

The higher tier can have longer matchmaking times as you will not find many players at higher tier levels. The rewards will be awarded based on your rank. But all this is good if hackers are not spoiling the game.

Apex Legends community is very concerned about this, as hackers have always been a very big issue since the game’s release. The game already has Easy Anti Cheat software to crack down hackers, but it has not always been enough.

A Reddit user, u/incinerate55, has raised a request for Respawn to add a minimum level cap for Apex Legends upcoming Ranked mode to restrict hackers.

Many users have commented on this post and feel the same. But they have also suggested that Respawn should add Two Factor Authentication aka 2FA to the game just like Fortnite, R6 Siege (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege).






But how will the implementation of the level cap curb down Apex Legends hackers?

If Respawn sets up a high-level cap for Ranked mode in the game, it will take time for hackers to rank up sham accounts that will filter away and restrict many hackers. No Apex official has commented on this Reddit post yet, but we all know devs keep track of Reddit discussion.

Ranked mode for the game is expected to come along with Apex Legends Season 2 until then we have to wait and see how Respawn addresses this matter.

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