Google Home 'something went wrong' issue while entering phone verification code has a workaround

Powered by Google Assistant, the Google Home family of devices simplifies your day to day tasks. These voice-activated speakers are more like personal assistants equipped to make life easier. But as is the case with tech stuff, functionalities often get disrupted, and Home devices are no exception.

Recently, we highlighted a couple of Google Home issues like the smart speaker’s feature that lets users control the volume of their TV with a voice command is broken and not working and the Color option to control/adjust Smart lights has suddenly gone missing form the Home app.

Color option missing from Google Home app

And now we’ve caught sight of yet another Google Home bug that’s troubling a huge number of users. While the problem has already been officially acknowledged (which is good), users still await a fix. In today’s section, lets take a look at what this new issue is.

I am sure many of you would be using your Google Home unit/s to make hands-free video/voice calls, don’t you? And as is the procedure, you must verify your phone number to get access to the ‘make calls on Google Home‘ feature.

The latest Google home bug that we’re about to discuss has to do with this feature only. Users have been chiming for about a month that they’re unable to verify their phone number for making calls from Home, as they keep getting an error whenever they enter the verification code to do so.

Take a look at how some of the affected users word the issue across the company’s official help forum:

I’m trying to set up my phone number with the google home mini. When it texts you a code so that I can verify phone number, I put it in but it always says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I’m putting the correct code and I’ve been trying for 3 days now.

I can’t verify my phone number. Every time I enter my my code it says something went wrong and to try again. Does someone have a fix for this I would like to use the device for phone calls

Following are some user shared images wherein the first image shows the verification code they get on their phone and the second one shows the “Something went wrong. Try again.” error that pops up on entering the same verification code.

Verification code the user received
Error notification that pops up on entering verification code

As you can see, despite entering the correct verification code, users are getting an error and hence aren’t able to make calls through Google Home. It’s also worth stressing this issue is reportedly troubling iOS users only.

As already mentioned in the beginning, what’s good is the problem has been officially acknowledged. In the later half of April, one of the Google Home forum community specialists informed the users that the concerned team is looking into the matter.

This is an issue the team is looking into and I will update this thread once I got an update.

Then a few weeks back, a Google employee also repeated something similar saying:

At the moment there are still no updates regarding this issue. Our team is currently working on this

Google employee’s acknowledgement

Since than, no new development has come to sight regarding the issue and users continue complaining. Meanwhile, a workaround that appears to be helping some of the users is to verify the phone number in Google Assistant app instead of Google Home app.

User shared workaround

So those of you who are facing the same issue with your Google Home or Google Home Mini devices, give the workaround a try and see if that helps. But before that, do cross check the Assistant app on your iOS unit is updated to the latest version (1.5.9205 or 1.5.9208 as confirmed by users who tried).

Rest assured, we are keeping a tab on all related developments and will update the story an and when the problem gets fixed.

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