Avid daily dose readers should remember that we discussed about the pricing strategy of OnePlus in one of our older articles. The penetration pricing model was proven very much useful for the rapid growth of the Shenzhen based OEM.

When it comes to advertising, OnePlus always attracts the spotlight. From their weird invitation based selling tactics to “Smash the Past” initiative, they started their journey with all kinds of non-traditional publicizing methods.

With time, the brand expanded. OnePlus started to cater the offline market segments as well. They eventually started to use conventional promotional techniques, such as appointing a regional brand ambassador.


In fact, they did take equivalent strategy in the USA. After selling carrier unlocked phones since the inception, they finally tied up with T-Mobile for better market penetration and more visibility.

The launch of the OnePlus 7 series is going to be a landmark event for the company. To promote the event, OnePlus USA team decided to follow old school paths.


Yep, you saw it right! They actually put a gigantic advertisement on The New York Times. Simple, but effective.


OnePlus staff member David X. explained the reason behind this stance:

And if you’re wondering, why is OnePlus in the New York Times? Well, at our recent Open Ears Forum, one of our users expressed his frustrations about how OnePlus is still under the radar in the US, despite having delivered one hit device after another.

In case you missed it, catch the recap about the NYC Open Ears forum by clicking here.

Moreover, the OnePlus US team started a new mini-giveaway based on this newspaper ad.

Reply to this thread with a picture of the OnePlus wrap in the New York Times when you spot one in the wild. We’ll gift a Never Settle T-shirt to one of the lucky folks who respond to this thread.

Interestingly, they highlighted the ‘Pro’ variant of the OnePlus 7, but the regular model is absent. Will the OEM planning to sell the OnePlus 7 via T-Mobile and the OnePlus 7 Pro as a carrier unlocked phone in the US?

More details can be uncovered from the line sketch of the OnePlus 7 Pro model on the ad, and OnePlus insists you to do so. They want users to find out all those little details (besides the leaked ones!) from the ad.

As the days go by, we get closer and closer of knowing everything there is to know about the OnePlus 7 Series. But until we cross that bridge, we can still have plenty of fun trying to guess every little detail about the device!

The image you see above is part of a bigger poster (let us know if you spot in the wild!) that seems to deconstruct the upcoming device, so the question is: What can you tell us from it? Feel free to share your wildest guesses!

Curious daily dose readers should visit this thread and show their observation skills. People have already identified heat pipe, popup front camera, vibration motors etc. but unable to locate the laert slider.


The disappearance of the alert slider could be possible due to curved display on the Pro variant. Crazy thought: perhaps OnePlus fused the slider with the screen and make it software based controller on edge screen.

Thanks to Ice Universe, we can get some idea about the curveness of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s display from a pair of alleged display protectors.


Talking about the display, leakster Max J. confirmed that OnePlus will use a dynamic display refresh rate feature on OnePlus 7 Pro. Guess the marketing name of it?

The display refresh rate of the #OnePlus7Pro isn’t fixed to 90Hz. It can change between 60Hz and 90Hz. They’re calling the screen “Fluid AMOLED”


OEM’s often downscale display resolutions to save battery juice, but this “Fluid AMOLED” thing is kinda new. OxygenOS might boost the refresh rate based on the contents, like while playing games, to avoid choppy animations.

Back to the US launch saga, OnePlus is looking for volunteers for their New York launch event. They are asking the community members to nominate probable candidates.

Do you know any community members from North America who make our corner of the internet a better place? We’d like to fly them in to serve as a community hero volunteer for the OnePlus 7 Pro launch in New York City. On top of a nice hotel stay and flight, they’ll get to try out our flagship before launch and serve as device experts in our experience zone.

You can nominate anyone (except you!) and explain their awesomeness by posting in this thread. The selection criteria are all about better community services.

  • Replies to threads to help others out
  • Gives good advice in replies
  • Checks in on forum friends who are going through a hard time
  • Voices their opinions in a fair or logical way
  • Shares tech knowledge without looking down on others

Meanwhile, Amazon India has started a competition where you could win a shiny new OnePlus 7! All you need to do is retweet their original tweet and enroll yourself for the product notification.


What are you waiting for? Give it a go and try your luck!

Meanwhile, allow me to finish up here. See you guys tomorrow.

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