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Due to the pressure from their management and marketing divisions, tech companies often forced to ship half-baked products to the consumers. While subsequent updates can fix bugs and/or bring new features, the initial damage can’t be undone.

Take the example of Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy Fold – I would suggest to wait a bit before investing $2,000 on a first gen tech.

The South Korean tech giant has fair amount of experiences in the field of wireless earbuds. The Gear branded IconX range of true wireless earphones had some hiccups in past, so the company launched a new lineup alongside the Galaxy S10 series.

They named it Galaxy Buds, and many of its features were designed to be integrated with the 10th anniversary edition of Galaxy S series. As a part of pre-release promotion, they were bundled as a free gift for early Galaxy S10 adopters in a number of regions.

The Galaxy Buds user base faced a number of issues since the beginning, ranging from frequent disconnection to pairing/stuttering glitches.

I pre-ordered my galaxy s10 (which came with free galaxy buds) and there seems to be a bluetooth issue. Each time I connect to a bluetooth source, either earphones or car, the bluetooth keeps disconnecting within 15 seconds when the phones screen turns off, and resumes when the device’s screen is turned back on. I also had a frustrating experience at the gym when my galaxy buds kept disconnecting during my workout. THIS PROBLEM NEEDS ATTENTION !!!


Samsung quickly rolled out a new firmware update (build number R170XXU0ACS4) in late March to fix those issues. However, the update itself sparked a somewhat abnormal glitch of uncanny low volume.

In one of our older articles, we talked about this bug and possible resolutions in details.

Samsung started to roll out another fresh new firmware build. Besides fixing bugs, this new update (build number R170XXU0ASD4) brought multiple new features, such as long press ambient sound and several Bixby actions.

Update for Galaxy Buds Available
by ingalaxys10

While the new features seemed useful to most of the Buds users, some of them started to face new issues after the update.

Galaxy Buds suddenly have video lag
byu/gtank12 ingalaxys10

After updating newest ear buds software (R170XXU0ASD4) any streaming music app or downloaded music play on Samsung Music player will skip music about .05 second everytime I open/close any game app.

I’ve already tried:

Removed and repaired (same result)

Reset ear buds (same result)

Tested with different bluetooth headphones (everything is fine)

Anyone else have same problem?


The buds frequently lag with the latest update
byu/Barnett-GEMO ingalaxybuds

Apart from the noticeable lag, a bunch of users have reported that default Assistant selection might have been broken on Galaxy S10.

After the update, it wont set either assistant as my default and this message pops up everytime



by from discussion

The newly introduced Bixby actions features of Galaxy Buds are probably colliding with the Assistant related settings in the Galaxy S10. Someone even screen-recorded and shared a short video to describe the bug:

Another user has been stuck with non-working update loop, as the official Samsung Galaxy Wearable app is unable to copy the firmware update to the Buds.


Nevertheless, the above symptoms should be curable via another future bugfix update. But what happens with those who are still waiting for their free Galaxy Buds to be delivered?

Believe it or not, some UK users have not yet received the free Galaxy Buds as part of the pre-order promotion.

by from discussion

Mine were successfully validated 15th of March and 30 days were on Sunday just gone and tracking status hasn’t changed and have had no text or email since the validation ones on the 15th. I’ll leave it until next Sunday before emailing them about it just incase they are already out for delivery


Some users reportedly got an email from Samsung, explaining the reasons behind the late delivery:

Click/Tap to zoom

Samsung UK is allegedly aware of the ‘delay’, and they are trying to minimize it as much as possible.

How long you waited before getting your free Galaxy buds? Are you facing any of those bugs we mentioned above after the latest update? Let us know by commenting below.

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