Has anyone remembered the Dash energy drink by OnePlus? The Chinese company actually produced a limited edition of this energy drink, which was heavily inspired by their fast charging tech.

The DASH Energy Augmentation Component is a neural performance enhancer that triggers an immediate increase in alertness, energy, and concentration levels.

Nearly one year later, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei launched Pei Coin – their own version of cryptocurrency that is closely integrated with OxygenOS.

Head to https://oneplus.net/peicoin/ and click on the Get Peid Today button for a chance to receive a minted PeiCoin in the mail. Please note that availability is limited. We will be randomly selecting participants to receive minted PeiCoins.

Eventually, digital PeiCoin will be made available through the PeiCoin Wallet app, which will be bundled with future OxygenOS updates. The in-app tutorial will guide you through the process of mining your first PeiCoin. Not interested? Users can freely opt out of the PeiCoin initiative. No strings attached.

Notice the co-incidence – Carl hinted another mysterious offbeat product, exactly one year later!

We’re always looking for new ways to bring better technology to the world. Today, I’m excited to share about our entrance into a new industry. We’ve taken the power of Warp Charge and applied it to the road.

In a few days, we’ll reveal more details of the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle. Every function of this vehicle will pair with the OnePlus 6T for seamless control. Crafted with signature OnePlus colors and materials, this premium vehicle will be beautiful to touch, see and drive.

A quick recap about the announcement: in last Friday’s daily dose of OnePlus news, we highlighted a normal-yet-cryptic tweet from Carl.


An eagle-eyed user noticed something interesting on the memo pinned on the desktop of the Mac.

We speculated that OnePlus might rebrand their Dash Car Charger to Warp Car Charger in future, by looking at the characters and the photo. They even started to discount on the product.

However, Carl was planning something else.

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… wait, wait, wait – is it a car?

Guys, now it’s impossible for me to hold my laughters any more! OnePlus loves to mess with their fans and followers on the April Fools’ day, and this year is not an exception. The hoaxes become so much lively and dynamic that it is increasingly difficult not to fall into the trap.

Meanwhile, OnePlus China dropped a number of Weibo posts (example: here, here, here) to boast about “Warp Ten”.


Many users though that they were about to launch the next generation of their fast charging solution, which could be bundled with the upcoming OnePlus 7.

Anyway, that was another prank – as OnePlus China ended up with a very delicious confectionery. ?


The Shenzhen based OEM (/ chocolatier?) described the product as:

Equipped with 33% ultra-high cocoa butter content, activates sensory cells at full speed, and is full of energy! More polyphenols are powerfully boosted, and the antioxidant effect is refreshing! Only 20g of lightweight design, play the tip of the tongue sweetheart!


From the power in the palm of the hand soared to the strength of the mouth – #WarpTen# flashing chocolate, light and silky, fragrant and powerful! It is also a “returning blood artifact” that helps you at a critical moment and regains your power!

Amidst the truckload of deceptions and bluffs, someone booted Windows 10 on OnePlus 6T!

Well, that was something real!

Bas Timmer, popularly known as NTAuthority, is no stranger in modding scene. He is associated with the Windows on ARM community development team, who likes to port ARM64 variant of Windows 10 on unsupported platforms (like the Raspberry Pi).

Bas previously booted Windows 10 ARM on a Pixel 3 XL.

Apparently porting the ARM64 version of Windows to the Snapdragon 845 platform is easier compared to SD820/821/835 due to the designs of the SoC and CPU cores.

NTAuthority has already reached to the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) and is able to interact with the Synaptics made touch controller.

Are you looking forward to run a full-fledged copy of Windows on your Android phones? XDA recognized developer Erfan Abdi aka erfanoabdi has got you covered!

You know there is another prank, don’t you? ?

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