Pushing a new update just before a vacation and/or weekend is nasty. A little undetected quirk in development may create havoc. In turn, the error resolution is delayed due to the absence of the devs.


OnePlus, being OnePlus, holds some compelling track records of pushing the red button at weird time. If you can remember, they actually published official stable Android 7 Nougat update for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T on 31st December, 2016!


Well well well, a leopard can’t change its spots. OnePlus just started to push another stable channel update earlier this fine friday.

This time, the recipients are OnePlus 5 and 5T. The update carries the version number 9.0.4 for both of the phones.

Official changelog is as follows:


  • Updated Android security patch to 2019.1
  • Improved stability for OTA upgrade
  • General bug fixes and system improvements


  • Deep integration with Google Duo


  • Improved network stability

I must say, rolling out January security patch on March 1 looks kinda funny. However, OnePlus prefers to follow bi-monthly security patch rollout mechanism – as stated in their ‘Software Maintenance Schedule‘.


The ‘Improved stability for OTA upgrade’ is likely an indicator towards the botched Open Beta builds which reportedly bricked phones. You may refresh your memory by taking a look at this article.

OxygenOS 9.0.4 OTA downloading on OnePlus 5

On the other hand, the Google Duo is integration is already expected. OnePlus 6 and 6T have got this feature with their latest stable update.

Szymon Kopeć, Product Lead of OnePlus, announced that the deeper integration between Google Duo and OxygenOS would eventually come to older phones.


And here we go: it’s right here for OnePlus 5 and 5T.

Currently the update is rolling out only for OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5T users need to wait a little.


As always, we like to share the download link(s) of the full update for our readers. The full update zip is handy for manual flashing or updating multiple phones in a row.

  • OxygenOS 9.0.4 for OnePlus 5: Download (MD5: 63daeeb7e1af7054ba5010bd010036a5)

Talking about updates, can you remember those days when you did not bother about ‘updating’ your phone which was hooked with a fixed line? Life was calm and quite then. People interact more with real people, not a virtual identity over a social network.

It’s hard to differentiate the gadgets and techs from our current life, but can it be possible to ditch then entirely… at least for a day?

Reboot, a nonprofit Jewish community, initiated the National Day of Unplugging to celebrate the concept. Enjoy the life free from content alerts and notifications, connect with people, rediscover yourself.

OnePlus wants to take part in this manoeuvre with a unique gesture.

So, as we prepare to switch off tomorrow for #NoPhoneDay, we want to hear from you. What hardware and software features would you like to see introduced or improved in our next device that would help you take some time away from your phone?

Perhaps it’s a regular update on how much time you’ve spent that day scrolling through your social media apps. Maybe it’s a feature that will make your general user experience even faster and more burdenless, so you have more time for offline activities.

Sounds interesting? Reach out to them (ideally tomorrow, after getting your phone back) and share your ideas.


Making connections with online people is not that bad though. For example, if someone is willing to give away a brand new OnePlus 6T for free, then what’s the problem in that? ?

Popular streamer Typical Gamer has announced that he is collaborating with OnePlus USA to giveaway a OnePlus 6T. All you need to do is follow @OnePlus_USA and retweet the announcement.

It was real fun to write about OnePlus and MWC events in our last few daily dose of OnePlus news. I urge you guys to go through them: you should enjoy a lot!

OnePlus guys have also posted a recap thread which can be found here. As I said in yesterday’s daily dose, Mobile World Congress is not a place for showing off bleeding edge techs. Rather it’s a place where makers connect with fans.

Let’s finish it up for today, shall we?

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