Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) plagued with serious sound cut issue

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), which was launched back in January this year, is seemingly plagued with a serious sound-related issue. Going by reports on Samsung’s own forum, users have been complaining since March that they experience sound cut outs while listening to audio or video.

Recently, I bought a new Samsung Galaxy A8 2018, and since I updated the android, I have sound problem, like static sound and distorted sound. It happens almost every time is listen to music or watch a video on YouTube or Google

Curiously, the problem is mostly observed when the phone is being charged (complainants confirmed they use original/bundled charger and cable). Following is a video proof that clearly shows the sound problem during charging. It goes away when the charger cable is plugged off, and comes back a while after the cable is again plugged in.

However, there are multiple reports that say the sound cut outs happen even when the unit is not being charged. A deeper analysis done by some users reveals when not being charged, the unit exhibits this faulty behavior at higher battery levels.

I too thought that it’s the charging at first, but since it happens with a high-charged battery while discharging, I’m more leaning towards the fact that it has to do with the current levels of the battery

As the problem involves speaker, at least a couple of users have confirmed they are seeing the issue during calls as well (when in loud speaker mode).

Having speaker to stutter/hiccup/cut every few seconds is not only annoying, but also dangerous, ESPECIALLY on phone calls. I have lost lots of small details on my phone calls (in speaker) and could almost not comprehend my caller’s speech

It’s worth mentioning that there’s no problem when using headphones or when connected over Bluetooth. Just that when speaker comes into action – playing audio/video (including notifications and ring tones) or enabling loud speaker mode during calls – the issue is observed.

Some of the affected users have tried debugging steps like operating in Safe Mode and even did a factory reset, but the problem persists (interestingly though, it doesn’t show up in service mode (*#0*#)).

Users say Samsung support is asking people to go for repair, which many complaints are skeptical about as they believe the problem lies in software. Supplementing this are reports from some users who say the problem creeped in after the February update. At least a couple of users confirmed they did go for repair, but that didn’t fix the problem.

Even those who recently bought a Galaxy A8 (2018) unit are also reporting sound cut outs. So clearly, this is a serious issue, and – going by user reports – is quite widespread.

Samsung should ideally acknowledge the problem publicly. However, in case that’s not what the company wants, it should at-least slip in the fix quietly in an upcoming update, just like it did in case of the Galaxy S9 black crush problem.

As always, we’re keeping a close look, and will update the story as and when something news worthy happens. Until then, keep a tab here.

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