Samsung quietly fixes Galaxy S9 black crush issue with May update

We at PiunikaWeb have made all possible efforts to bring to light major bugs plaguing Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S9 series since its arrival in the market. One such problem we highlighted back in March was display color issues, more popularly termed as ‘black crush‘ or ‘bad color banding‘. Remember that one?

In case you don’t, see the following picture – comparing Galaxy S9+ (up) and S8 (down) – to catch hold of the color blending problem in question:


Good News

Well, Samsung has reportedly fixed the aforementioned display glitch on Galaxy S9 units in the recently pushed BRE5 (May) update. Yet again a silent move by the company, as the update description carries no such information.

But how can a major change like this go unnoticed? Of course, those troubled caught note of the relief the latest update brought for them, and have been wording it across different help forums (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

The following selection of user comments clearly indicates the color blending/black crush problem is fixed.

Holy shit! You’re 100% right! I went to check if the black crush issue was still here after the update and it is gone! Finally 😀

Flashed in India. Dual VoLTE is available, black crush is fixed. Call recording available as well now. This might be placebo, but phone feels snappier than before.

The latest update (BRE5) fixed the crushing and banding problems. Thank you Samsung!

I can also confirm that the latest update (BRE5) fixed the crushing and banding problems.

It’s good that the BRE5 update not only resolved the black crush issue but also opened gates for call recording on Galaxy S9. But for reasons unknown, none of these changes/bug fixes have been officially confirmed/announced by Samsung.

Anyway, those of you troubled with color blending issues on your Galaxy S9 unit, install the May (BRE5) update (in case you haven’t already), and have a glitch-free experience. And yes, don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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