[Updated] iOS 11.4 finally fixes iMessage 'out of order' bug

Update (June 27):

And the same old story continues. Even iOS 11.4 did not cure the out of order Messages glitch from root.

Sorry to echo but I still have this out of sync issue after I updated to the latest iOS 11.4.

I’m still having this issue in 11.4!

Mine is still doing it. My iOS is up to date.

Original story:

iOS 11.4 got live just a few hours back, and is claiming to have resolved an irritating bug that has plagued Apple devices since iOS 11.2 was released – text messages in Apple’s default messaging app (Messages) appearing out of order.

Failing to arrive/show in the correct chronological order, the response from the other person (recipient) somehow gets listed above the message that was responded to, because of which the sender ends up missing the last received message. For example, as can be seen in the following user-shared screenshot of an iMessage conversation, the last reply – “Sure” – is displayed before the message(s) to which it was replied.


While this nasty bug managed to survive all through iOS 11.2 and 11.3, Apple has finally ceased it from making way to the latest iOS 11.4. The company’s official About iOS 11 Updates page brought the good news this morning saying:

Addresses a Messages issue that could cause some messages to appear out of order


Better late than never. Though it took Apple two entire iOS 11 versions to mend what was broken, what’s good is they have finally fixed the iMessage problem (or are at least claiming so).

So those of you who have been encountering the out of order messages issue all this while, install the newest iOS (in case you haven’t done that yet), and have a glitch free experience. Oh and yes, do let us know how it goes.

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