Update (June 27):

We are getting reports that even iOS 11.4 did not cure the issue form root.

Update (May 30):

iOS 11.4 fixes the iMessage ‘out of order messages’ bug. More information here.

Update (March 31): Bad news. A lot of users in the following Reddit thread are confirming the iMessage out of order problem isn’t resolved for them in iOS 11.3.

byu/baz938 from discussion

Update (March 30): iOS 11.3 is out, and several users are reporting the iMessage out of order issue is fixed.




byu/NightLovell77 from discussion

Confusingly, at-least one user said the problem still persists for them:

by from discussion


Update (March 28): At-least a couple of users have confirmed on Reddit that the problem has been resolved in iOS 11.3 beta 6.

byu/PurpleGatsby from discussion

Update (February 20): Apple has started pushing out iOS 11.2.6, and several users are confirming their iMessages are still out of order – see here and here.


Update (January 30): Finally, the mainstream tech media has also highlighted the problem. In a story published last week, TNW covered the issue in detail, and later updated the story to reflect that Apple has included a fix for the problem in the macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 update – see Apple’s support page here.

Meanwhile, users of Apple’s mobile OS continue to report the problem, even on the latest iOS 11.2.5.

Update (January 16):

A complainant shared that the problem got resolved after an Apple tech support person asked them to perform the following steps:

1. Settings > General > Date&Time.
2. Disable “Set Automatically, choose a random time zone.
3. Open Messages app and then force quit the messages app. (Double click home button, swipe up on app)
4. Go back to Settings > General > Date&Time.
5. Enable Set automatically.

Not sure if this would work for everyone, but you can still give the solution a try.

Update (January 10):

A Community Specialist at Apple forums called the issue fixed with iOS 11.2.1. Here’s what the expert said:

The good news is, this issue has been resolved with the recent iOS release 11.2.1


But a lot of users are still complaining about the problem, and many of them are on 11.2.2. So we are not sure whether or not the issue has been actually fixed.


Let us know in the comments section below, if the issue is fixed for you.

Original Story below:

Latest iOS versions – especially iOS 11.2.1 – have a lot of problems. While many have already been highlighted, a new issue has now come to light. Basically, text messages in iMessage (Apple’s default messaging app) are messing up – not being displayed in the correct order.

There are hundreds of complaints spread across the official Apple help forum and Reddit, noting that conversations in the iMessage app aren’t arriving/showing in the correct chronological order. Specifically, the response from the other person (recipient) is somehow listed above the message that was responded to. As a result, sender usually overlooks (or misses out on) replies.


To get a better understanding of the issue, take a look at the following user shared screenshot of some texts exchanged through the iMessage app. If you observe closely, you’ll find that the last reply – “Sure” – is being displayed before the message to which it was replied.


Here’s how the user who shared the picture explained the issue:


Not only help forums, even Twitter is flooded with complaints. Take a look at some of the latest tweets pointing out the aforementioned glitch:


It’s worth mentioning that the problem is not triggered by the 11.2.1 update, but was originally reported after the arrival of 11.2 (which rolled out in the first week of December). Turns out, it wasn’t fixed then, and crawled in to 11.2.1. Here are some of the tweets complaining about the same issue on iOS 11.2.


Officially, the Cupertino based company hasn’t said anything on the matter yet. But we hope that’ll happen soon, and a fix should be arriving in near future. Meanwhile, we are keeping a close watch on related developments, and will keep you posted.

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