'OK Google' access broken on Mate 10 Pro, Huawei working on fix

Just yesterday, we brought to light a major Google Maps issue that is affecting almost all Huawei/Honor devices. And now, another Huawei phone-related problem has come to light. A very large number of Huawei Mate 10 Pro users are reporting broken ‘OK Google’ feature after a recent update.

Specifically, reports – backed with screenshots as proofs – reveal that after a recent update (build number: BLA-L09 (C782)), the “Say ‘OK Google’ any time” & “Unlock with Voice Match” options in the ‘Ok Google detection’ menu are grayed out (meaning they are disabled), and users get the following error: “this feature is not available for your language.”


Picture credits: Gareth Williams

So this effectively means users can’t launch Google Assistant through voice command. Of course, Assistant can still be invoked manually by pressing the home button, but users are terribly missing the convenience of launching it with voice (as evident from the number of complaints on a single Google Search and Assistant Help Forum thread).

Some users also note that they can’t access Assistant’s settings, with one of them specifically noting the app “briefly crashes and nothing happens.”

Workarounds like clearing cache and data from the Google app, un-installing app updates, disabling/enabling of the app, and even factory reset fail to resolve the problem – either the feature works only temporarily or there’s no affect at all.

A user reached out to Huawei over the issue, and was told that the it has something to do with changes done to “Ok Emy,” which is the company’s own voice assistant. Here’s the exact response:

We have taken your details and have forwarded this feedback to our development team. Due to the recent re-implementation of ” Ok Emy “, our own voice-match assistant, we are currently checking for any sort of conflict between the two voice assistants.

Another user was told by Huawei that they need to make sure only one of the virtual assistants – either Google Assistant or Emy – is enabled, as they don’t work together. However, users have confirmed that Emy is already disabled on their units.

Finally, one user said on May 14 that Huawei support told them they are working with Google to get the problem resolved, and provided an ETA of 72 hours. Going by this time line, a fix is expected sometime tomorrow. But don’t get your hopes too high as support staff is often ill informed.

In any case, we’ll keep this story updated with all the news-worthy stuff. So keep a tab here.

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