Update (May 21):

Google Play Services v12.6.85 contains the fix. Along with the Maps issue, this version also fixes a known WiFi issues on Huawei devices. More information here.

Update (May 19):

Users are confirming the beta version is working, but there’s a restriction of one minute, meaning you’ll see the “Google Play Services are updating” message for a minute before it goes away.

Update (May 18):

Google seems to have resolved the problem, but the fix (which comes along with a caveat) is currently only available in the beta version of Google Play Services app. Here’s the complete statement from the company:

We are pleased to report that a beta version of Google Play Services is ready. We believe this version mitigates the issue on Huawei devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher. An important caveat is that each time the device is rebooted, you will need to wait about one minute before launching the affected applications.

Starting today at midnight (Pacific Time), the beta will be rolled-out to a segment of the community that has signed-up for the Google Play Services Public Beta Program. It will ramp to increasing segments of the beta audience over the next few days. We invite you to join the beta program at https://developers.google.com/android/guides/beta-program to obtain an early release of this and future versions of Google Play Services. Once beta testing is complete it will be rolled out in stages to all users.

Update (May 17):

Another issue (1,2,3,4) that’s likely caused by the Google Play services update (v12.6.73) has now come to light. Android Auto users with Huawei devices reportedly encounter internet errors on pressing the microphone button on the headunit in the car.

Messages like Internet connection is weak at the moment, internet connection is not stable at the moment or internet connection is not reliable at the moment show up.

What’s good is Google is currently investigating the matter, as confirmed by someone from Android Auto team saying:

The issue has been forwarded to the rest of the team, and we’re currently investigating.

Update (May 16): Root cause identified. A new Google Play Services update being prepared to fix the problem. Here’s what Google said today:

In collaboration with Huawei, Google engineers have identified the root cause of this issue as an unexpected change to the filesystem permissions. The issue can impact any Android app on a Huawei device which renders a Google map.

Our engineers are preparing a new version of Google Play Services which should resolve the problem. It will be targeted to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher. We will post another update with the status of the rollout.

Thanks for your patience.

Original story follows:

Do you own a Huawei or Honor branded device? Are apps on your device crashing or throwing “Google Play Services are updating” message when they try accessing Google Maps?

If yes, then try finding solace in the fact that the issue is apparently affecting all Huawei devices, including flagship smartphones (like P20 series) and even tablets.

Specifically, the Google Play Services app version 12.6.73 is being blamed for this mess. The problem – which has nothing to do with the Android OS version (as it’s being experienced by both Nougat and Oreo devices) – is pretty serious as Google Maps integration in apps is broken, rendering some apps like Uber completely useless (and users helpless).


Needless to say, other features that require Google Maps access (like location sharing) are also not working. Aside from app crashes and the “Google Play Services are updating” message, there have also been some reports of unusual battery draining after the 12.6.73 update.

The issue is being actively discussed on both Google Product Forums as well as the company’s Issue Tracker website. Google employees have been responding to reports on the issue tracking website, and have said they are treating it as a “top priority” problem.

We are treating this issue with top priority and will keep posting updates here

Today, the company confirmed they have been able to reproduce the problem and are working on a mitigation measure.

Google has been able to reproduce the problem on a physical device and is now focusing on addressing the root cause through either a fix or other mitigation.

Google is building and verifying a mitigation measure for this issue. We will update you as soon as we have new information.

Sadly, the search giant hasn’t given a time frame on when a fix will arrive. However, one user confirmed that Huawei support told them the problem should be fixed in 1-2 weeks.

Have just got off the phone to Google and Huawei. Huawei seem to be
admitting responsibility. They told me there is an EMUI update due in 1 to
2 weeks that should fix “all google maps issues”

Meanwhile, suggested workarounds include disabling the Google Play Services app and then restarting the phone, or clearing the app’s cache, or un-installing all updates for the app.

You can try these (see example video below), but keep in mind that the problem is likely to come back after a reboot.

Interestingly, Google has also confirmed a Google Pay crash issue on Huawei devices in the same thread, saying the root cause of the problem is the same (presumably the Play Services update).

Thanks for the report in comment #171 and comment #244 about Google Pay.
That issue has the same root cause, and will be addressed together with the Maps issue, so keep following along on this bug.

Separately, Huawei reportedly confirmed to a user facing issues with Google Home connectivity that Google Play Services is to blame here as well.

Thank you for contacting Huawei support, my name is Christian. There is at the moment some issues with Google Play services, we are working with Google to have this issue fixed.

Clearly, that’s a lot of mess created by a buggy update. Google needs to fix this up as soon as possible. We’ll let you know when a fix arrives. Until then, keep a tab here.

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