Update (May 11):

Google Chrome for Android has received a new update (version 66.0.3359.158) which fixes the media upload bug. See the details here.

Original story:

Have you been facing issues uploading media (images etc) through Google Chrome on social media services like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Well, you aren’t alone, as a very large number of Chrome for Android users seem to be affected with this problem.

Basically, users say when they try uploading, for example, a picture to a service like Twitter or Facebook, the Chrome browser app crashes, throwing “unfortunately chrome has stopped” error. If that wasn’t enough, the Report button that lets you send feedback about crashes also doesn’t function in this case.

Following user reports should give you a better idea of what’s going on:

I can open chrome and use Facebook in a window, but when I try to post a picture, I get the ‘unfortunately chrome has stopped’ message. I’m unable to report it. Please help.

every time I try to upload a drawing to Tumblr it takes me to the “select file” screen and loads for a second before the “unfortunately Chrome has stopped” pop-up comes up two times while nothing loads. It does not exit the browser, all it does is show a blue circle turning but nothing else.

Yes im having issues with regards to posting pictures on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Whenever i feel like uploading a picture it loads for a quick second gives me the message saying “unfortunately chrome has stopped,” loads quickly AGAIN then gives me the same message.

Here’s a screenshot of what users get to see:


It’s worth mentioning that those who tried the use-case in incognito mode say the upload button doesn’t even respond in that mode.

There are dedicated threads (1,2,3,4) about this issue on Google’s official forums, and reports on Twitter have swelled lately (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10).

However today, Google announced something good in this regard, saying it’s a known issue that has been fixed internally. The fix should be rolled out soon. Here’s the exact statement:

This is a known issue and has now been fixed. A new update of Chrome for Android is rolling out soon. Appreciate your patience.


So keep an eye on the upcoming update. If the previous one broke media uploads, the next one should fix the problem. We hope the fix gets rolled out sooner than later. Meanwhile, keep a tab here for all related developments.

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