[Updated] Samsung confirms Galaxy S9 call drop/mute issues, fix coming soon

Update (May 04):

Reports are pouring in that Samsung has started rolling out an update to fix the problem. More information here.

Update (April 30):

Standard reply the affected users have been getting from Samsung:


Update (April 28):

The promised fix may come any day now.

Got next call with Samsung help center , the consultant promissed that the fix is just days ahead (end of april begin of may as the last consultant told me) and will fix this software problem for sure and it wont be any recall as with note 7 [booom]

Update (April 24):

One of the moderators on the company’s official European help forum recently came up with an official statement on the matter, saying

At Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We are looking into a limited number of reports of Galaxy S9/S9+ voice call dropping issues.

Update (April 24):

A petition has been launched on change.org regarding the issue.

Update (April 24):

More reports on the matter (1,2,3).


Update (April 23):

Details of Lawsuit filed against Samsung over Galaxy S9 call issues.

Update (April 21):

A user has confirmed that they have received information from Samsung Russia about the update on the matter, saying it is expected to roll out in May.

I was answered in Facebook by an official representative in Russia samsung that the output of the exposure is expected in May

Update (April 20):

Samsung hit with lawsuit over Galaxy S9 call issues. More information here.

Update (April 18):

Another complainant recently shared the response they got from the company’s Facebook page, claiming an update will be rolling out soon.

So I got another reply to one of the error logs earlier which directed me to Samsungs Facebook page. Just got this response….

Hi ******. We are currently in the process of rolling out a software update, to address some network issues. We recommend turning your automatic software updates to on. ^DP

Update (April 16):

At least one of the users confirmed that Samsung has already started rolling out a new update to fix the glitch, which may take time to reach everyone. Take a look at what the user said (the comment is from this past Saturday):

So …. my phone dropped twice today to the same person and actually ended the call , so I sent a report in and phone Samsung Tech, they confirmed the issues we are having and have said it’s been there number one priority to sort and they have just released a new update to address this issue and believe this to work , the updates will filter down to everyone but can take longer than others because the network provider has to forward them on , if you haven’t got it in a few days contact your network provider and ask for the new update.

Original story:

It was about time. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S9 call issues, saying they are aware and working to prepare a solution. Here is what a Samsung forum moderator said on the company’s Polish forums (we’ve translated it):

I confirm that the problem is known. Diagnostics and preparation of patches are currently underway.

As for when the fix will be available, the moderator said there is currently no information on this.

The date the patch was (will be) released is not yet known. If I have any new information I will let you know.

In case you aren’t aware, a large number of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users have been reporting call related issues ever since they started using the phone. While most complain about call audio going mute, taking sometimes as long as 20 seconds to come back, others – significant in number – say their calls drop mid way.

We highlighted this problem late last month, and the number of user comments on that story is testimony to the fact that it’s a very widespread issue. It’s worth mentioning that these call issues are apparently plaguing only the Exynos version of Galaxy S9/S9+, although we aren’t sure as there have been a few complaints from users with Snapdragon models as well.

While it’s good the South Korean company has officially acknowledged the call issues, it’s still not known how much time affected users will have to wait before a fix arrives. Let’s hope that happens sooner than later.

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