[Updated Continuously] iOS 11.3 issues/bugs: Ad blockers disabled, screen recording issue

Update (May 30):

iOS 11.4 is out, fixes the iMessage ‘out of order messages’ bug. More information here.

Apple releases iOS 11.3.1

The update fixes the touch-related issues with after market displays on iPhone 8/X.

iOS 11.3 killed touch feature on some iPhone 8/iPhone X units

A lot of users with iPhone 8 or iPhone X units featuring after market displays have been reporting that the update has killed the touch functionality of the display, rendering their devices useless. See the complete story here.

Both Airplane and DND mode broken


First Utility app broken

The confirmation came from the app‘s official Twitter account stating that iOS 11.3 update has created an issue with the app’s handling of data.

Sync of the IBM Verse contacts to iOS Contacts application disabled

With iOS 11.3 update came the MDM contact sharing restriction (from managed apps to unmanaged apps). As a result, the feature allowing users to sync IBM Verse contacts to the iOS Contacts application has been disabled for all users in the IBM Connections Cloud. Here’s a support article on IBM’s official website conveying the details.

Even micro-blogging site Twitter reflects the same.

LA Mobile to become iOS 11.3 compatible soon

LA Mobile‘s iOS 11.3 compatible beta version will be releasing on May 09 (this year) followed by a stable release by the end of June, 2018. More information here.

Audio skipping/stutter problem

iPhone 6/7/SE users report audio skips while playing music, be it the native music player or others apps like Spotify. More information here.

iOS 11.3 kills iPhone 8 touch screen


Apple Music app crash


Home button feature affected?



App edit issue


Special characters issue


Issue with download/update of third-party apps

Apple reportedly told a user that they have received a number of complaints regarding issues with download/update of third-party apps after the iOS 11.3 update, and the company is working to fix the problem.


Swipe issue in Messaging app


The user has confirmed to us this behavior is consistent.

Change in Safari auto fill feature

There are also some reports that the Safari auto-fill feature doesn’t work the way it used to work before.


Invisible keyboard problem

A disappearing/invisible keyboard issue on iPad Pro running iOS 11.3.

Out of place app icons

This seems a minor glitch, but since many are reporting, so we’ll list it here: app icons seem to stick at inappropriate places on home screen. See the following tweets (click on the included pics to see clearly what is happening):


Infuse says iOS 11.3 is buggy

Video player company Infuse has just confirmed there’s a bug in iOS 11.3 that’s causing audio issues with Passthrough enabled.

FWIW, a related discussion is currently going on over at Reddit.

iOS 11.3 bug, no DTS Audio with Infuse. from appletv

Update: Another couple of confirmations from Infuse:

Audio issue with Airpods

There are a few reports about the update causing audio to drop over AirPods.

AirPods sound drops out after iOS 11.3 update from airpods

11.3 Connection Issues from airpods

Issues with managing apps purchased via MDM

Looks like iOS 11.3 has issues with Volume Purchased apps as well.

Here’s what the bug-report says:

When multiple Volume purchased apps are pushed down to the device using a command with the following payload, we are seeing that iOS 11.3 15E216 | 15E218 is returning the wrong bundle ID for the application.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Configure VPP sToken
2. Sync Apps from Apple VPP.
3. Assign apps (for example – Microsoft Powerpoint (586449534), Adobe Acrobat Reader for Microsoft Intune (1051980424), Pages (361309726) & Google Translate (414706506)) to the device.
4. Push the commands to install the apps of the device.
5. Check the response payload from apple.

Expected Results:

App should be installed on the device and return the correct bundle ID of the application upon installation

Actual Results:

iOS 11.3 GA is returning the wrong bundle ID for some apps.

We could find at-least one user corroborating this on Twitter:

Update: One more discussion here:


Not sure what Volume Purchased apps are? Learn more about about Apple’s Volume Purchase Program here.

Disappearing language dictionaries

Several users in the following Twitter discussion are confirming that their language dictionaries have disappeared after the update.

Screen recording doesn’t include audio

Users are upset that the update has taken away ability to record audio in screen recordings. Most users are reporting this problem with Apple Music, suggesting it could be an intentional change.

Can't screen record my music in iOS 11.3? from iphone

And here’s a complaint on Apple’s official forum.

BOTIM claims iOS 11.3 is buggy

Video and voice calling app company BOTIM is claiming there’s a bug in iOS 11.3 that is causing issues with their app.

Here’s a screenshot of the notification the team has been sending to users:


Screenshot credit: https://twitter.com/Gauthamsat

Disabled ad-blockers

So you just installed iOS 11.3 only to realize that your Safari web browser has started showing ads again? Well, you aren’t alone. We’ve come across multiple such reports with users complaining there was no such problem prior to the update.

Take a look at some of these reports:


Not only Twitter, users are also discussing about this change on Reddit:

Content Blockers on iOS 11.3 from iphone

Here’s another one:

New iOS 11.3 (ads using Safari) from ios

If you follow these Reddit discussions, you’ll find that majority of users got the problem fixed by re-enabling the ad blockers (toggling them off and then on again). Users on Twitter also seem to be in agreement.

So is this a bug that iOS 11.3 has brought along. Well, it’s too early for us to conclude this, but at-least one ad blocker company thinks so:

tvOS 11.3 turns off ‘Match Content’ setting

We also came across at-least a couple of reports where Apple TV users were complaining about a similar issue with tvOS 11.3, saying the update automatically disables the ‘Match Content’ setting.

So the fix here is to turn the setting on again after you’re done with the latest tvOS update. Have you updated your device to version 11.3? Are you also facing these issues? Let us know your experience in comments below.

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