Update (March 19): So we didn’t have a confirmation from Samsung on this issue, but that changes now. A Samsung moderator at the company’s official EU forum confirmed the problem saying:

The issue will be addressed in a software update released as soon as possible, so please regularly check for software updates on your phones.

The update in question is the March security update, as highlighted by us in the original story below.

Original story:

Having fingerprint issues with your new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ unit? Well, you aren’t alone, as there a lot of people around the world who are complaining that their phone is throwing errors when they try using the sensor. Even Sammobile has an ongoing poll on the matter.

However, there’s a good news as well. Remember that March security update the company started pushing out last week? Well, that update contains the fix for the problem.

Multiple users have confirmed so far the March security update has resolved the problem for them.

I’ve got a patch from Samsung, which includes the March security update. I’ve tested now with a call and the issue seems to be gone (even with fingerprint gestures enabled). So far so good. (see here)

I did the march security patch update, so far so good.(see here)

No because the update fixed it. (see here)

Bad start

Looks like Samsung rushed the release of their newest flagship phones, as they have attracted bad press even before their official launch. First, it was wrong SIMs in shipment packages, then came Samsung Pay issues, and now the fingerprint sensor related problem we just discussed.

Note: PiunikaWeb was the publication which first highlighted all these issues.

Fingerprint issue details

Galaxy S9 and S9+ users with Exynos versions (majorly) have been reporting sensor issues on their units, right out of the box. Going by reports, an error stating ‘The fingerprint scanner is not responding. Try again later’ or ‘An error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your device’ shows up on device’s lock screen or in settings.


The issue is being reported globally, as can be seen in the following comments from users in different geographical areas:

Hi to all this is my first day with Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and I’m having problem with Fingerprint sensor… After restart works for 5 to 10 times… After that stop working and a message appears that “Fingerprint sensor stop working) and need reboot to work again for some times and the same…

Checking in from Romania (Exynos). I have fingerprint gestures on (can’t live without it). Like other people said here, the problem only shows up after a call that lasts longer than a minute or so, only when the other person answers the phone.

From Saudi Arabia, I have just got my Samsung S9+ 256 GB a week ago and The device since day one having the fingerprint issue, even after factory reset, it still existed

South Africa, 128gb same problem

I have same problem I’ve bought an Italia s9+ and the first day i’ve noticed this problem, now i’m trying with disabled fingerprint gesture…

I am from dubai using 128 exynos version. Having the same problem with fingerprint sensor.

Same problem here in france with exynos 64go one

Same problem here on spain, first day, and stopped working

I have the same problem with 3 different s9 plus phones I’ve bought in Israel. Even after replacement I’ve got the same problem.

Some users also report that the fingerprint sensor freaks out during calls, and stops working when a call lasts for more than a minute.

Not only the help forums, similar reports can be seen on micro-blogging site Twitter as well.

For its part, Samsung has been telling users that they not only aware of the issue, but will be rolling out a fix for the same in an update.

Reply from samsung in middle east :
“We appreciate the chance of being able to assist you here in samsung gulf technical support . We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be informed it’s a know issue we are working to solve the issue. We are seeking you kind patience the issue will be solved with the next software update. We appreciate your trust in Samsung. If you have any further inquiry please don’t hesitate to contact us.” (March 14)

Took it to Samsung and they said they are aware of the situation and its a software issue that will be fixed in a week’s time with a software update. (March 14)

I wrote to samsung and I received an answer:
“Dear Robert
Thank you for contanting with samsung contact center. in reference to your request , I would like to apologise for any inconveniences. in this particular situation I recommend to do a data backup and then do a factory reset. Currently the system update is being prepared so I would like to keep ask you for patience and to keep an aye on the system update info accessible in settings of your device. In case of any doubts feel free to contacts us.” (March 15)

I just got an e-mail from Samsung stating the same: Samsung is aware that the fingerprint sensor isnt working as intended, but this is a software error and they hope to get it fixed with next software update. To fix the current error, they suggest on turning the fingerprinting gestures off and restart the phone. (March 15)


March update not available everywhere yet

The update is still rolling out, evident from the fact the fix hasn’t reached all affected users yet – yes, there are still a significant number of users who say they haven’t got the March patch, and are hence still facing the issue.

If you have been facing fingerprint sensor issues on your S9/S9+ unit, keep an eye on the March security patch, as it offers the pill you’re looking for.

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