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Users report that a recent update for Samsung Pay has fixed the glitch for them. Read more here.

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As if Sprint Galaxy S9 orders shipping with Verizon SIMs wasn’t enough of an issue, it has now come to light the flagships are having compatibility issues with the company’s own mobile payment service right out of the box. Seriously, we aren’t making it up (fact is, we never do). Just look at the following evidence gathered from reports on different help forums:

I just finished setting up my S9+. I bought the T-Mobile version from Samsung.com but strangely enough, the box says “Unlocked by Samsung” and I’m not sure if that has to do with anything. But when I try to set up Samsung Pay, it says it’s not compatible with this device. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled from the Play Store and get the same error. If I install from the Galaxy App store, I don’t get the incompatible message, but I keep getting a pop up saying there’s a new update but everytime I press OK, it just sends me back to the home screen. Is Samsung Pay just not updated to be compatible with the S9 yet?


I just got my S9+ today (yay!) and when I try to setup Samsung Pay, it tells me that there is an update for Samsung Pay that I have to download before I can use it, but I show no update in Google Pay or Galaxy Apps. I tried clearing the cache and data on Samsung Pay, and have even done a factory reset.

I have a SD845 based unlocked S9+ and Samsung Pay on AT&T doesn’t work, I get the same install update and use popup. Odd though, in the Play Store the Samsung pay app’s size is just 2.95 MB vs 80 MB on the Galaxy Apps store. I installed the latest firmware update that has the Intelligent Scan and Stabilization fixes and reset the phone so whatever Samsung Pay app that came pre-installed was deleted and downloading new doesn’t seem to work.

This is annoying. I can download the Samsung Pay app from both the Google Play store and the Galaxy App store… but neither work. I get the following on the Google Play version of Samsung Pay: Samsung Pay – your device isn’t compatible with this version. Both Samsung and AT&T are of no help.


Going by reports, the issue seems to be specific to the unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+ units, and hence, not carrier specific.

I’m having the same exact experience on an unlocked S9.

I’m in the same exact boat. Pretty sad. FWIW, I have the unlocked S9+ from samsung.com, not a carrier model.

Yes, I have the same exact problem. Also on an unlocked Galaxy S9+.

While there’s lack of clarity on whether the issue has something to do with Snapdragon or Exynos versions of the phone, some users say that the problem plagues both US and international Galaxy S9 models.

Yes, there have already been a couple of updates rolled out to the devices, but affected users have confirmed that they were of no use as far as this problem is concerned.

I did get a software update this morning which I installed, but Samsung Pay still gives me the same errors.

Installed update as well, and still not working for me.

Update did nothing for me!

According to one of the complainants, Samsung Pay Support told them that currently the unlocked variants of Galaxy S9 are troubled with Samsung Pay issues, and suggested them to wait for a software update.

I just got off the phone with Samsung Pay support a minute ago. The guy put me on hold to check if there’s any solutions. He came back to me letting me know that the S9 unlocked models are experiencing issues with Samsung Pay atm and that all I can do is wait for an update that will be pushed out “soon”

We are just a day away from Galaxy S9’s official launch (meaning, the phone will be available globally in a matter of few hours), so the company would not want to attract bad press shortly after the device’s release. Hopefully, they’ll roll out the promised fix in a day or two.

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