More (and equally serious) call-related iPhone X issues come to light

If you think iPhone X’s display delay during incoming calls (an issue uncovered by us and widely highlighted by main stream tech-media) is a gargantuan problem, then get ready for more. Here we are, bringing to light more call-related glitches plaguing Apple’s latest flagship phone.

iPhone X freezes at the end of calls

While answering calls is already a big headache, as the device’s display doesn’t wake up in time, several iPhone X owners can’t also end/hangup calls as the display either won’t come to life on moving the phone away from the ear or the red icon to disconnect an ongoing call becomes becomes unresponsive.

As a result, helpless users either have to wait for the other person to end the call or reboot their device. Take a look at how some of those affected explain the problem:

I am unable to hang up. The red hang up button is visible but does not activate when pressed. I have to wait until the other party hangs up or reset my phone in order to end the call

I have my iPhone X since a month now and every time a get a call (or call someone) I can’t end the call. This occurs both with ‘normal’ telephone calls as well as with WhatsApp-calls. The screen is black and none of the buttons work. Updates to newer OS didn’t help. Sometimes, after 1-20 seconds, the screen comes back but sometimes the only thing that helps is to shut of the iPhone (pressing the buttons very long until it gives me the option to shut off the device)

Been having issues through all updates with ending a call. The screen doesnt light up and it is not responsive to touch or buttons. It lights up when the call is ended (by the other party)

I’ve got some strange and very annoying bug on my Iphone X. Every once in a while when I call someone and I try to hang up, the screen does not turn on when I take it off my ear

How do you hang up a call without shutting off the phone with the sleep button? If you leave the phone section to go into another App and then return to the phone call, the Red phone symbol to hang up the call is not there. It is the Green call button instead and pressing it does nothing

Even micro-blogging site Twitter has similar reports:

We already know new iPhone X users face issues getting used to the way emergency calls are made through the device, but that, when clubbed with this glitch, becomes highly annoying, as can be seen in the following tweets:

While the number of complaints continue to escalate, there’s no word from Apple yet.

Can’t quit/close apps while on phone call

Sadly, the story doesn’t end here. While display during calls is already a mess, users report they can’t even close apps running is the background during an on-going call. A quick look at the following user shared video will give you more clarity on the matter being discussed:

Here’s how some of the affected users have explained the issue on the official Apple Community, Reddit and other help forums.

Whenever I’m on a phone call and I navigate away from the call, I cannot quit/close apps until I have hung up the phone call. Even though I force press and the red circle icons appear on the open apps in the app switcher, tapping on them does nothing, and neither does swiping them up. Yet the moment I hang up the call, I can once again quit/close apps

Me too, for what it’s worth. I was just working on a technical issue with Apple (over the phone) and they said “close all open apps,” and I couldn’t. We had to hang up first

I’m experiencing the same issue. No matter what I do (hard reset, reset settings, restore from backup, I’m still unable to close apps while I’m on a call

It is not necessary to continuously close apps.” I’m kinda of really tired of hearing this response. All the troubleshooting steps from forums, Apple, Genius Bar, etc. say first close all apps. But Apple continues to insist we don’t need a “close all” button. And not being able to close apps while on a call, and having the “low memory” supposedly non-existing condition occur and knocking out my bluetooth FIRST, is not acceptable. I wear hearing aids and the first thing that happens is the bluetooth for one OR BOTH hearing aids drops out. The “fix” is to close all apps. Hard to do when prevented while on the phone call I’m trying to also be a part of. There are some definite lessons Apple needs to take from the Android world, I still prefer the Apple ecosystem and more consistent behaviour/design between apps, but silly issues like this where Apple insists on drawing a line in the sand are ridiculous.

Interestingly, for some users, force closing apps during calls yields random results – works in some cases and not in others.

This also bugs me – especially because it is inconsistent. Sometimes I can force-close apps while on the phone, while at other times I cannot. As for those who say “there’s no reason to force-close apps”, we all understand the logic behind that – supposedly iOS does a good enough job at resource management that it will close apps if they need to be. However, some of us have reasons to want to do this. My own petty little reason is that when I’m playing Candy Crush and have full boosters (for winning 7 levels in a row), I can force-close the app before failing the next level, then re-open it and still have the boosters! I can do this when I’m not on the phone, but when I’m on a long, boooorrrring conference call and want to play a game while listening, I can’t force-close. Like I said, petty reason, but the inconsistency still bugs me

I’m on the phone right now and I was able to close some apps. Tried again a few minutes later and it wouldn’t let me. That sounds like a glitch

It’s definitely a glitch that I’ve experienced as well. It’s my first day with the iPhone X and I couldn’t close out apps while on a phone call. I came across this post trying to figure out if it was something apple took away. I ended the call, then closed the apps and resumed my phone call. I tested it to see if I could close out apps while on the call again and sure enough I could

Same here. Sometimes I am able to close them, and other times it won’t let me. On my husband’s phone it always lets him close them out

Following is just a small selection of tweets from the never ending trail of complaints on Twitter.

Sadly, the company hasn’t said anything yet about either of the two call-related glitches discussed in this article, though we hope they do it sooner than later. In case, any of the above mentioned problems has been troubling you as well, do let us know in the comment section below.

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