Update (March 30):

Apple claims iOS 11.3 includes fix for this issue. Read more about it here.

Update (March 27):

Looks like Apple has finally pushed out a fix for the incoming call display delay issues as many users running iOS 11.3 Beta and up have confirmed the same. So those of you facing this terrible glitch, guess iOS 11.3 (stable) will bring the pill you have been looking for.

Update (March 07):

Over at Apple forums, an affected user shared a screenshot of their chat with official Apple Support yesterday. As you can see, they were told the company is aware of the issue, but there’s currently no solution to the problem.


Update (February 12):

A Redditor recently posted that Apple Support confirmed the issue to them saying,

Looks to be a CP37 issue where its a known item that is being investigated and we want to advise them to keep the iPhone updated as when the fix is released it will be with an update


Update (February 09):

The following user shared video clearly displays the problem in question:

Update (February 05): Apple is looking into the matter.

Update (January 29): Users report the issue continues to exist even in the latest iOS 11.2.5.

Original story:

Last month, we were seemingly the first publication to highlight a highly annoying problem that users of the Apple iPhone X have been facing. The issue in question prevents the device from displaying the caller ID for an incoming call for a significant time – some say 5-10 seconds, while for others the delay is up to a minute.

As the number of complaints started piling up, an expert at the official Apple forums said iOS 11.2.1 will fix the issue. Well, turns out the problem remains unresolved, with even those on the latest iOS version 11.2.2 also confirming it.


Just to give you an idea on how widespread the issue is, a single thread on the official Apple forums has nearly 350 people saying they too are facing this problem. Then there is another thread where the number on the ‘me too’ button stands at over 200.


And there are a lot of threads on the official forums discussing this inconvenience. Also, we’ve seen similar reports on Reddit and Twitter as well.


Even the comments section of our previous article on this topic (linked in the first para above) is filled with such complaints.

The same expert who said iOS 11.2.1 would solve the problem, is now asking people to install iOS 11.2.2, but as already mentioned above, even the latest version has no fix for this issue.


We don’t think Apple isn’t aware of the issue, as otherwise how could the expert we’re referring to here would have been so confident that iOS 11.2.1 would fix the problem. But then again, they are not Apple staff and 11.2.1 didn’t fix the issue, so anything is possible.

Being able to make and receive calls normally is a pretty basic feature, and gimmicks like Face ID and all come after that. We hope Apple understands this. Given the number of complaints, it’s definitely a genuine issue, and big enough for Apple to fix it without any further delay.

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