Update (March 30):

Apple claims iOS 11.3 includes fix for this issue. Read more about it here.

Update (March 27):

Looks like Apple has finally pushed out a fix for the incoming call display delay issues as many users running iOS 11.3 Beta and up have confirmed the same. So those of you facing this terrible glitch, guess iOS 11.3 (stable) will bring the pill you have been looking for.

Update (February 12):

A Redditor recently posted that Apple Support confirmed the issue to them saying,

Looks to be a CP37 issue where its a known item that is being investigated and we want to advise them to keep the iPhone updated as when the fix is released it will be with an update


Update (February 09):

The following user shared video clearly displays the problem in question:

Update (February 05): Apple is looking into the matter.

Update (January 29): Users report the issue continues to exist even in the latest iOS 11.2.5.

Update (January 12): Nope. Several users say the issue is there in iOS 11.2.2 as well. Read our latest coverage on the matter here.

Original story follows:

Users of Apple iPhone X have been facing an extremely annoying issue for quite some time now. It’s related to incoming calls, with complainants reporting that when they receive a call, their phone starts ringing immediately, but the display wakes up after a significant delay (up to 20 seconds in some cases).


A significant number of iPhone X users have reported the issue so far on the official Apple forums. However, the problem doesn’t seem to be limited to iPhone X. From what we could trace, reports related to the problem started popping up in October, after the release of iOS 11.


It was last week when an expert at the Apple forums confirmed that it’s indeed an issue, and will be fixed in the next update.


This comment was posted on December 11, and after that Apple has released the iOS 11.2.1 update. So far, only a single user at one of the forum threads has confirmed that iOS 11.2.1 has seemingly fixed the problem. So it’s a bit early to say anything.

Have you received the update? Are you still facing the issue? Let us know in comments.

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