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Google recently revealed that the new feature – added in Backup and Sync version 3.38 to exclude any type of files – only applies to the folders in the My Computers section, not to the Google Drive folder.

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The more hyped it was, the more bumpy its journey turned out to be. Those using Backup and Sync will likely agree that this common client for Google Drive and Photos has had a rough start (to put it mildly). But, it’s relieving that Google has been making efforts towards making the service glitch-free and user-friendly.

Taking another step in this direction, the company has now started rolling out a new version (3.38) of Backup and Sync containing fix the long-known excessive CPU consumption bug, which has been widely reported by users of Apple’s macOS.

Google employee Rishi took to the official Drive help forum to break the news this morning.


Backup and Sync has been eating insanely high amount of CPU, especially for those on macOS. The good news is that the current release is aimed at making things better in this area (not sure if it completely fixes it, as Google had previously said they’ll be gradually improving on this aspect). Anyway, here’s what the company said while addressing those facing the CPU glitch on their macOS machines:

Please try using the latest version (3.38). You can install it over your current installation


Backup and Sync users on Windows have also been reporting performance problems. Good news for them as well, as the company says the system slowdown issue should no longer occur with version 3.38. Here’s what exactly the same Google employee said in this regard on a different thread:

Please try the latest version (3.38). This should no longer occur


It’s also worth mentioning that v3.38 was expected to bring along the ability to exclude any type of files – a step up from RAW and screenshot exclusion feature, which was introduced in v3.36 – and we can confirm that the promised option has been included in v3.38.

Now, in the Preferences menu of the Backup and Sync app, clicking the Change option gives you access to Advanced settings where you can mention the type of files you want to exclude from backing up based on their extensions.


We hope Backup and Sync users will now be able to use the app without having to worry about CPU usage and system slowdowns. Have you installed version 3.38 on your machine? How is it treating you? Let us know in comments below.

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