The wait is finally over. Google has launched it’s highly talked about and anticipated Backup and Sync app for Drive and Photos.

With hundreds of users reporting sync troubles with the existing client for long, Google finally announced last month that they will come up with a new client application. Though there was a bit delay, the app has now started rolling out.

The new application is claimed to be “a simpler, speedier, and more reliable way to access Drive and Photos.”
Basically, the app replaces existing Google Photos Desktop Uploader and Drive client, effectively acting as a single tool to access both services.

While using it on your Desktop, all you have to do is select the folder for backup, the app handles the rest. Chosen once, the folders will continue to back up on cloud automatically.

In addition to files kept on your computer, the app can backup stuff kept in your phone, SD cards, as well as your digital camera.

With ‘Backup and Sync,’ you also have certain personalizing options. For example, from within the app, you can choose quality of pictures (original or high-quality) before they’re backed-up.

The new app is currently only available for PC and Mac users (Linux users are still out of luck). Another thing worth mentioning is that Backup and Sync app is not available to G suite users yet – they’ll have to wait till Drive File Stream (aimed to roll out by year end) comes up. Till then they are suggested to carry on with the existing client.

Glossy features aside, the app should better be able to calm down those hundreds of Drive and Photos users that have been bleeding with problems for years now. We’ll keep a track of how things go from here-on. Meanwhile, you can download and give the app a try by heading to the official websites of Google Drive and Google Photos.


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