Backup and Sync’s latest version 3.37 brought along the ability to log-in with more than one account (maximum limit is 3). In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step, how you can add multiple accounts to the client:

  • Click on Backup and Sync icon on the system tray, and then click on the three-dot Menu
  • backup-and-sync-three-dot-menu

  • Select ‘Add New Account‘ option
  • backup-and-sync-add-account-option

    Note: Every time you add a new account, the client will repeat the entire setup sequence again.

  • Once an account is added successfully, the number of Backup and Sync icons on system tray will increase to two or three, depending on the number of accounts
  • 2-accountsbackup-and-sync-3account

  • As a maximum of three accounts can be added, the option to Add New Account automatically disappears once you hit that limit.
  • Also, while logging-out, you will be given the option to quit all three accounts, or a specific one.
  • backup-and-sync-add-account-option-diasppears

That’s it.

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