[Updated] Yet another Google Pixel 2 issue: screen flashes/flickers during locking and unlocking

Update (February 22): Seems like the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, as a lot of people are still complaining about it.

Update (February 09): Fix for Pixel 2 screen flashing/flickering issue reportedly coming soon. See the details here.

Original story follows:

The Google Pixel 2 mess seems to be getting bigger by each passing day. If screen burn-in, clicking sounds, and mic problems weren’t enough, it has now come to light that several Pixel 2 users are also complaining that their phone’s screen flashes intermittently while locking/ unlocking the display.

The following video shared by an affected user clearly shows the problem in question:

Well, the story doesn’t end here. For one of the affected users, the screen’s flash behavior is quite wild, making it appear more like flickering.

Not only flickering, the user also stressed upon a green light bleeding from the upper corner of his Pixel 2 device, as can be seen in the following screenshot:


Of course, the issue is being reported on the official Pixel forum. But while investigating it further we found that multiple users on Twitter, Reddit, and even XDA are also complaining of encountering the flash/flicker problem, confirming that it’s more than just a few defected units we’re talking about here.


From the looks of it as well as comments from some of those who are affected by it, this screen flash issue seems completely different from Pixel 2’s screen burn-in problem that was highlighted earlier this week. Some of the affected users have initiated RMA for replacing their faulty devices, while others are still waiting to officially hear from the company on the issue.

Pixel User Community | Reddit | XDA |Android Central Forums

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