Back in March this year, Google introduced a new enterprise-focused desktop application – dubbed Drive File Stream – for users of its Drive cloud storage service. The selling point of the application – as described by the company – is it being an alternative to other cloud-based solutions that use traditional, time-consuming (and hard drive-consuming) syncs.

Basically, Drive File Stream lets you quickly stream files directly from the cloud to your computer, allowing you to directly access your data from your laptop/PC, even if you don’t have much space left on your hard drive.


So far, Drive File Stream has only been available in the Early Adopter Program (EAP). But that changes now as the application has been launched for all G-Suite customers. “Starting today, you’ll see settings in the Admin console for Drive File Stream (located at Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Data Access),” the Mountain View, California-based company said in a blog post.

The company, however, notes that these settings won’t come into effect until September 26. While the application has been launched/enabled for all G-Suite users, “we’ll only show download links in the Drive interface if you currently show them for Backup and Sync / Google Drive for Mac/PC,” Google further adds.

Note: The launch of Drive File Stream also marks deprecation of Google Drive for Mac/PC (the Drive client that was the official one before Backup and Sync came). More on this news here.

It’s worth mentioning that those running both Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync on the same machine will be prompted to stop syncing My Drive with Backup and Sync in order to save disk space.

Also, “Team Drive editors won’t be able to edit their Team Drive files when they’re opened in Drive File Stream; they’ll only be able to view them. To edit these files, they’ll need to open them in Drive on the web.”

You can learn more about Drive File Stream here.


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