Why is Google’s upcoming Backup and Sync app much awaited?

Update: The Backup & Sync app has been launched. Read more about it here.

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Google Drive users have been waiting for the highly talked about new Backup and Sync app, which the company initially scheduled to roll out on June 28, 2017, but got delayed for some reason. The eagerness roots from the fact that this new app is expected to resolve multiple sync issues faced not only by Drive users, but Photos users as well.

The ‘Backup and sync’ app might be a solution to problems like Drive’s improper sync to Windows, storage discrepancy, sync errors encountered on Google Photos, download failures, etc.

Some threads at official Drive forum reveal that the service has not been functioning effectively when it comes to Windows. The problem dates back to 2012, for which the users await a fix till date. On the other hand, irrespective of the Web browser and OS used, users have been encountering failure in downloading Drive files since 2015.

Be it Drive’s inability to sync pictures or failure of its desktop client to sync videos uploaded on Google Photos, both issues have been aggressively reported and even acknowledged, but are yet to be fixed. In addition, complaints about Drive reporting inappropriate storage figures also pop up every once in a while.

With hundreds of users reporting sync-related issues, it’s clear that Google Drive is buggy and requires some serious work. Given the fact that even Google forum experts have been telling affected users to wait for the app to roll out, it’s reasonable to assume that the company has given up on existing clients.

The new ‘Backup and sync’ app should be a comparatively robust and feature-rich service (reportedly capable of backing up everything on your PC). So it won’t be a stretch to say it’s the pill Drive and Photos users have been waiting for. The only issue is that it’s not arrived yet. Let’s hope the launch happens sooner than later.

If you have been waiting for the Backup and Sync app, keep a tap here as we will keep you updated in case of any further development.

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