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Valorant new mode Team Deathmatch leaked for the game

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla May 04, 2020 Gaming,  News 0

The newest first person shooter, Valorant, which has been published by Riot Games, is making quite a buzz in the gaming industry. Recently, Ranked playlist for the game has gone...

Valorant - How to play or get beta invite code & all agents abilities, signature, ultimate moves

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Apr 06, 2020 Gaming,  News 0

A new first-person shooter game, Valorant is about to release soon from Riot Games pretty soon. The game closed beta will kick off from April 7. Well, if you...

How is Valorant game different from Overwatch & CS:GO ?

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Mar 20, 2020 Gaming,  News 0

Riot Games is all set to release a new game, Valorant, pretty soon. It is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter. Initially, the game is expected to...