Google’s latest Pixel Camera update is rolling out new capabilities to the Pixel 6, 7 Pro, and Fold devices as part of the June Feature Drop. Version 9.4 introduces a manual lens selection option, easier access to RAW shooting, and an improved HDR+ frame selection algorithm.

For the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and Fold, users can now manually choose which rear camera lens to use for photos. The feature was already available on the Pixel 8 Pro. A new “Lens Selection” option under the “Pro” tab in settings allows picking between the ultra-wide, wide, or telephoto lenses. This gives more control instead of leaving it to the auto mode. The zoom pill gets replaced with lens icons when manual selection is enabled.

Another addition is the ability to quickly switch between JPEG and RAW format shooting from the “Pro” tab settings. Previously buried deeper in advanced settings, this update surfaces the RAW toggle for easier access when you need the unprocessed files for professional editing.

Finally, the Pixel Camera 9.4 update brings the HDR+ Improved Frame Selection capability to the Pixel 6 series, including the Pixel 6 Pro, 6a, and Fold. This smarter algorithm identifies the best base frame out of the HDR+ multi-frame capture, favoring shots with open eyes, smiling subjects, and other criteria.

The Pixel Camera 9.4 update, version, is gradually rolling out now via the Play Store for supported Pixel devices. These new features further enhance the photographic experience on Google’s premium Pixel lineup.

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