Google is once again offering a helping hand to Pixel users facing hardware woes. Following previous programs for the Pixel 5a and Pixel 4 XL, the company has now launched an extended repair program specifically for the Pixel 8.

If your Pixel 8 is plagued by those pesky vertical lines or flickering on the display, you might be in luck. Google will provide free display replacements for eligible devices, covering them for a full three years after the original purchase date.

But there’s a catch: not every Pixel 8 qualifies. Your phone needs to have either the vertical line or flickering issue, and its serial number must be verified by Google or an authorized repair partner. If your screen is cracked or your phone has other damage, you’re out of luck. Here’s what Google says regarding eligibility requirements for the Pixel 8 extended repair program:

    1. Exhibits a vertical line running from the bottom of the display to the top or a display flicker and:
    2. Has a device identifier (e.g., IMEI, serial number) determined by Google or an authorized repair partner, as qualifying for this program

Don’t despair, though! Even if you don’t qualify for this program, you might still be covered under Google’s standard warranty for similar issues. It’s worth checking with Google or your retailer just in case.

This extended repair program shows Google’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. While it’s a bummer that some Pixel 8 units have these issues, it’s reassuring to see Google taking responsibility and offering a solution. Unfortunately, there’s no love for Pixel 6 Pro owners experiencing display flickering issues.

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