We’ve already reported about Google’s plans to release a larger version of the Pixel Watch 3 later this year, and the first renders have just leaked, revealing some exciting details. The base model recently appeared in a thicker but sleeker body, and now we have details of the larger variant.

Android Headlines has just scored an exclusive scoop on the highly anticipated Google Pixel Watch 3. Renders and details of a larger model, dubbed the “Pixel Watch 3 XL,” have surfaced, showcasing a 1.45-inch display and a significantly thicker profile than the current Pixel Watch 2.


This leak confirms our earlier report from March, revealing that the XL model would indeed measure a whopping 45mm across, providing ample screen real estate for all your smartwatch needs. However, it appears that Google has made some “slight alterations” to the band system, potentially rendering existing bands incompatible with this new model. While this might be a bummer for those with existing band collections, it was a likely scenario given the increased size.


Despite the thicker profile of 13.89mm, the renders suggest that the XL model boasts slimmer bezels compared to the Pixel Watch 2, offering a more immersive viewing experience. Details on the battery size remain under wraps for now, but we’re hoping for a significant upgrade to match the larger display and power-hungry features. A bigger battery should put the Pixel Watch 3 XL in direct competition with the larger (44mm) Galaxy Watch 7, although Samsung is also working on a much larger Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra.


While the “XL” branding might raise some eyebrows, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising considering Google’s naming conventions for other products. The company has previously used “XL” to denote larger variants in the past but having dropped it since the Pixel 4 series in favor of “Pro”, this comes as a nice little surprise.

As we eagerly await further details on the Pixel Watch 3 lineup, this leak gives us a glimpse into the future of Google’s smartwatch ambitions. A larger size has been a popular request among Pixel Watch fans, and it seems Google is ready to deliver. Stay glued for more updates as we approach the official launch.

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