Along with the Pixel Feature Drop, Google has begun rolling out the June 2024 update for Pixel Watches. This update includes a fresh security patch along with several new features designed to enhance user experience and functionality on both the original Pixel Watch and the Pixel Watch 2. Here’s a look at what’s new for Pixel Watch owners:

    Enhanced body detection for users with tattoos

One significant improvement in this update is the enhanced on-body and off-body detection, especially for users with tattoos on their wrists. This change aims to improve the accuracy and reliability of the Pixel Watch for those whose wrist tattoos might have previously interfered with the device’s sensors.

    Car Crash Detection on Pixel Watch 2

A crucial new feature for Pixel Watch 2 users is Car Crash Detection. This life-saving technology can detect if a user has been in a car crash and automatically call for help if the user is unable to respond. This feature mirrors similar functionalities available on Pixel phones, extending critical safety measures to your wrist.

    Bicycle Fall Detection

For cyclists, the fall detection algorithm has received an update to better recognize falls from bicycles. This improvement ensures that if a user takes a tumble while riding, the watch can accurately detect the fall and take appropriate action, providing an extra layer of safety for biking enthusiasts.

    Google Wallet now supports PayPal

Google Wallet users in the US and Germany can now link their PayPal account to Google Wallet for easier payments straight from the Pixel Watch. This added convenience makes managing and using your PayPal funds on the go even more seamless.

    Google Home update for Wear OS

The Google Home app on Wear OS also gets a significant update. Users can now enjoy a new ‘Favorites’ tile and a watchface complication, allowing them to quickly view and control their smart home devices. This update brings more functionality and ease of use to those who rely on Google Home for managing their connected devices.

To install the June 2024 update, users can put their Pixel Watch on charge and navigate to the Settings > System > System Update page. Once there, tapping the watch icon at the top several times in a row can help speed up the process. The new build number for this update is TWD9.240605.001.A1.

This June 2024 update brings significant enhancements to the Pixel Watch and Watch 2, making them more versatile and user-friendly. From improved detection features to expanded payment options and smarter home controls, this update ensures that the Pixel Watch continues to be a valuable companion for its users. As always, keeping your device updated ensures you get the best performance and the latest features available.

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