Google has rolled out its highly anticipated Pixel June Feature Drop, introducing a wave of innovative enhancements across its Pixel devices, including phones, watches, and tablets. This substantial update brings a plethora of cutting-edge features and improved functionalities. Here’s what’s new:

For Pixel phones, the update brings Display Port Support, allowing Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and 8a users to connect their devices to compatible external displays via USB-C, enabling seamless content streaming and presentation capabilities on larger screens. Additionally, Gemini Nano, Google’s highly efficient AI model, is now accessible as a developer option on the Pixel 8 and 8a, unlocking advanced on-device capabilities.

The Pixel Recorder app introduces improved transcription features, including speaker name detection and the ability to export transcripts to text files or Google Docs. The HDR+ Improved Frame Selection ensures that the Pixel camera captures the best moments automatically, with smarter subject detection and open eye recognition. Manual Lens Selection on the Pixel 8 Pro, 6/7 Pro, and Fold models provides greater control over camera lens selection for perfect shots.

Furthermore, Reverse Phone Number Lookup allows users to easily perform web searches on unknown caller IDs directly from the Phone app, and the new Pixel VPN by Google offers a seamless and integrated VPN experience for enhanced privacy and security.


For Pixel Watches, the highlight is the introduction of Car Crash Detection, a groundbreaking safety feature, on the Pixel Watch 2. This feature automatically detects severe car accidents and initiates emergency services if needed. Fall Detection has also been enhanced to better recognize bicycle-related falls, providing an added layer of protection for active users. Improved smart home controls and integration with the Google Home app offer more convenient ways to manage compatible devices from the wrist.

Pixel Tablet users will benefit from richer doorbell notifications, including snapshots and two-way talk capabilities, when the device is docked in hub mode. Additionally, the Google Home Favorites widget offers quick access to smart home device controls directly from the home screen.

Here’s a detailed view of the availability of features:


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