The much-anticipated Star Wars: Hunters, a new MMO game set in the Star Wars universe, blasted onto the Google Play Store on June 4. However, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment for owners of foldable Android phones, including Google’s own Pixel Fold, as they discovered the game is not compatible with their devices.

The Pixel Fold and its Tensor G2 aren’t particularly built for gaming. But having an expansive display is what makes Star Wars: Hunters a mobile gamer’s dream. Granted, this exclusion is a head-scratcher, considering the surging popularity of foldables specifically designed to enhance gaming experiences with their big screens. Star Wars: Hunters, boasting arena-style gameplay and team-based battles, seems tailor-made for these devices.

So, what’s the holdup? Developer Zynga remains tight-lipped, leaving fans to speculate. According to 9to5Google, the challenge of adapting the game to the unique aspect ratios and screen sizes of foldables could be a factor. However, the game’s smooth performance on the Logitech G Cloud, a handheld Android device, suggests it’s not a technical impossibility. The game also runs fine on other Android devices, which makes the lack of support on foldables quite mysterious. Still, you’ll simply not be able to enjoy Star Wars: Hunters on your Pixel Fold or other foldable Android phone because it’s currently not compatible.

This oversight will for sure leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans, especially those who invested in pricey foldables with gaming in mind. It’s a missed opportunity for both Zynga, as Star Wars: Hunters could have been a major draw for users of the Pixel Fold and other foldable devices.

Despite this setback, Star Wars: Hunters remains an exciting addition to the Star Wars gaming galaxy. The game boasts a diverse cast of original characters, engaging gameplay modes, and a lighthearted tone that appeals to fans of all ages.

While the lack of foldable support is a disappointment, there’s still hope that Zynga will eventually update the game to include these devices. Until then, foldable owners will have to resort to other games or explore alternative ways to play Star Wars: Hunters, such as through cloud gaming services.

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