Google has introduced a nifty new feature called ‘Adaptive Vibration’ with the latest Android 15 Beta 2 release for Pixel smartphones. This intelligent capability aims to provide a more contextual vibration experience by automatically adjusting the vibration strength based on your surroundings.

We’ve all been in situations where our phone’s vibration is either too subtle to notice or so intense that it becomes disruptive. The new Adaptive Vibration setting in Android 15 seeks to strike the perfect balance by using the device’s microphones and other sensors to analyze ambient sound levels and environmental context.

When enabled, Adaptive Vibration promises to increase the vibration intensity when you’re in a noisy environment, ensuring you don’t miss important calls or notifications. Conversely, it will tone down the vibration strength in quieter surroundings, preventing unnecessary disturbances.

Google is clear that no audio data is ever recorded during this process – the microphones are solely used to assess sound levels in real-time. Additionally, the feature is separate from the existing ‘Adaptive alert vibration’ option, which reduces vibration when the phone is face-up with the screen on.

The feature, however, is disabled by default, at least on Android 15 Beta 2. To activate Adaptive Vibration on a Pixel device running Android 15 Beta 2, simply navigate to Settings > Sound & vibration > Vibration & haptics, and toggle on the ‘Adaptive Vibration’ option. By default, it comes disabled, allowing users to try it out and gauge its effectiveness.

While the real-world performance of Adaptive Vibration remains to be seen, the concept itself is intriguing. Google’s various other “Adaptive” features, such as Adaptive Brightness and Adaptive Battery, have proven invaluable in enhancing the overall user experience on Pixel devices. So only time will tell if this is something you need to look out for.

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