Google Pixel users are in for a treat as Bedtime mode is set to become even more powerful with seamless smart home integration. The upcoming update will improve how users wind down for the night by allowing them to control various smart home devices directly from their Pixel phone.

Bedtime mode, a staple feature in Pixel devices, enables users to automate tasks such as turning on Do Not Disturb, switching the screen to grayscale, dimming brightness, and more. With the new integration, users can now expand these automations to include their smart home devices, creating a truly personalized and convenient sleep routine.

With this integration, your Pixel phone will be able to trigger a series of actions as you prepare for bed such as dimming the lights, adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, locking the doors, and even playing soothing music through your smart speakers. All this will be possible with the new Bedtime mode update thanks to Google Home APIs that enable apps to utilize smart home connections from the Google Home app.

Google envisions a seamless transition between the digital and physical worlds, where your phone not only prepares you for sleep but also transforms your environment into a tranquil haven. By integrating Bedtime mode with your smart home, you can effortlessly create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and rest.

The possibilities are endless, and Google promises that users will be able to customize their Bedtime mode routines to suit their individual preferences. While the exact details and release date of this update are yet to be revealed, it’s clear that this integration will be a game-changer for Pixel users who rely on smart home devices.

The Home APIs that enable this integration will also be utilized for other innovative features, such as ADT’s “Trusted Neighbor” feature, which allows temporary access to trusted individuals based on security footage. Additionally, the Eve app for Android and LG TVs will also leverage these APIs to provide users with new and enhanced smart home experiences.

As the lines between the digital and physical realms continue to blur, Google Pixel’s Bedtime Mode stands at the forefront of this exciting trend, transforming your phone into a powerful tool that not only helps you unwind but also creates a truly immersive sleep experience. Stay tuned for further updates on this innovative feature that promises to revolutionize your nightly routine.

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