Google’s latest mid-ranger, the Pixel 8a comes with two new unique additions, spotted by the folks over at 9to5Google. One of them is the new “Snapshot” home screen widget that lets you quickly capture and frame pictures of your favorite people and daily moments.

The Snapshot widget has a skeuomorphic design reminiscent of an instant camera print, complete with a piece of tape attaching it to your home screen and the date stamped in the corner. Tapping the camera icon lets you snap a new picture that is automatically saved and backed up to your Google Photos library. Before setting the new snapshot, you can review and edit the image using the built-in Google Photos editor.


This playful, family-oriented widget would be a nice addition across all Pixel phones in a future update. The Pixel 8a also prominently features options to set up parental controls and Family Link during the initial setup process.

In addition to the Snapshot widget, the Pixel 8a comes preloaded with two special wallpapers themed around the upcoming Pixar film “Inside Out 2,” suggesting a tie-in promotion for the sequel hitting theaters on June 14th. The wallpapers depict the film’s settings of “Headquarters – Mind World” and “Friendship Island – Islands of Personality.”


With its mid-range pricing and family features like the Snapshot widget and Inside Out wallpapers, Google is positioning the Pixel 8a as an appealing and affordable option for parents and kids alike. The whimsical Snapshot widget captures the fun, spontaneous moments that make the perfect wallpaper. It’s likely that Google may bring the new widget and wallpapers to other Pixel devices too. That said, if you’re looking to score the Pixel 8a in the US, check out Verizon’s deal that technically gets you the phone for no cost.

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