In a recent episode of the Made by Google podcast titled “Don’t Trash It, Fix It! The Right to Repair Revolution,” Google sheds light on its efforts to make Pixel phones more repairable and usher in a new era for sustainable tech.

Traditionally, phone manufacturers have relied heavily on glue to assemble devices, making repairs a messy and complicated business. The podcast acknowledges this challenge with a humorous anecdote: “engineers love glue, but repair technicians hate glue.” Google recognized this pain point and implemented a “Design for Serviceability Scorecard” for each Pixel phone. This internal metric ensures repairability is a core consideration throughout the design process.

Looking towards the future, Google envisions a world of “fixture-less repairs.” Imagine a future where you can grab common household tools to fix your phone screen, instead of relying on specialized equipment. Currently, replacing a cracked screen often requires a heating tool and specialized prying implements.

Right now, Google offers an online calibration tool for the Pixel’s under-display fingerprint sensor, empowering users with a software solution for minor issues. Although, as we reported earlier, many users were facing issues with the tool. Luckily, Google also firmly opposes “parts pairing,” a practice where software restricts the functionality of non-manufacturer replacement parts.

Google’s commitment to repairability aligns perfectly with the growing Right to Repair movement. This movement advocates for consumers’ right to fix their own electronics, promoting sustainability and user empowerment. By prioritizing repairability, Google is not only making Pixel phones more user-friendly, but also taking a significant step towards a more sustainable tech future. So next time you consider a new phone, keep an eye out for repairability as a key feature – and Google’s Pixel might just be the fix-it-friendly option you’ve been waiting for. You can listen to the full podcast below:

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