Google has quietly expanded its smartphone lineup’s official availability with the launch of the Pixel 8a in Poland and the Czech Republic. This marks a significant step for Google’s Pixel ambitions, bringing the total number of countries with official Pixel availability to 23, up from the previous 21.

For years, Pixel enthusiasts in these regions had to rely on imports, often lacking access to crucial support services in case of issues. Now, they can enjoy the convenience of purchasing directly from Google and receiving official support for their Pixel devices.

The arrival of the Pixel 8a in Poland and the Czech Republic coincides with the launch of dedicated Google Store storefronts in both countries. These online stores offer the full range of Pixel devices, including the Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and the newly launched 8a. While the selection is currently limited to smartphones, Pixel Buds A-series and some essential accessories like chargers, cables, and cases are also available.

This expansion follows Google’s strategy of gradually increasing Pixel availability globally. Just a few months ago, Portugal and Austria were the first to receive official Pixel stores with the launch of the Pixel 8. The addition of Poland now brings the total number of Pixel-approved countries to 23, a considerable jump from the mere 17 that had access to the Pixel 7 series.

While there’s no word yet on the availability of the Pixel Tablet or other smart home devices in these new regions, this launch signifies Google’s commitment to making Pixel phones more accessible to a wider audience. For Pixel fans in Poland and the Czech Republic, this means no more import hassles and the peace of mind that comes with official support.

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