Looking to unleash the full potential of the stunning Google Pixel 8 HDR capabilities with Adobe Lightroom for mobile app? I hear you, and I come bearing some good news.

Earlier this year, both Google and Samsung announced exciting updates — Pixel 7, Pixel 8 and Pixel Fold users could now share their Ultra HDR photos and 10-bit HDR videos on Instagram. This HDR technology brings photos and videos to life with richer colors, bolder contrast, and a more lifelike representation of the scene you captured. Some people like it but others don’t, which explains why Samsung is working on an on/off toggle for Super HDR settings in Instagram.

However, a small snag emerged for Pixel 8 users: the popular Adobe Lightroom mobile app currently doesn’t recognize the Pixel 8 as an HDR-compatible device. This means you can’t take advantage of Lightroom’s powerful HDR editing tools on your Pixel 8 photos despite their inherent HDR capabilities.

Adobe Lightroom mobile added HDR support on Android 14 for Google Pixel 7 and Fold users back in October 2023. This was soon after Google unveiled the Pixel 8. But up until now, the latest Pixel flagships are still missing from the list of devices capable of handling HDR photos in Adobe Lightroom.

But there’s a silver lining. Adobe is aware of the issue and actively working on a fix. Apparently, Pixel 8 devices have a “blue tint on images” when using Lightroom mobile version 9.1.0 and later. This seems to be the core reason behind the current lack of compatibility. While there’s no official release date for the fix yet, Adobe’s acknowledgment should give Pixel users some hope.


A future Lightroom mobile update is coming that will allow Pixel 8 users to unlock the full potential of the phone’s HDR prowess within the app. In the meantime, keep checking for updates on the Adobe website or the app store.

I understand the frustration of waiting, but rest assured, the ability to edit your stunning Pixel 8 HDR photos in Adobe Lightroom mobile is just around the corner. For what is worth, even the Galaxy S24 series is still missing HDR support in Lightroom, but it’s unclear whether it’s for the same reasons as the Pixel 8.

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