Those looking to pre-order the Pixel 8a might want to check out this offer from Verizon. The US carrier is currently letting you pre-order the Google Pixel 8a for free. Yes, you pay $0.00 for the device. However, there’s a catch to the deal. So let’s see how you can score Google’s latest mid-range smartphone at no cost.

The Google Pixel 8a is listed on Verizon for $549 if you wish to purchase the device with a one time payment. However, if you opt for Verizon’s 36-month contract, you can effectively buy the phone for $0.00. The catch here is that you’ll have to get a new line and opt for any of the ‘Unlimited’ plans from Verizon. The carrier notes that this offer is only for a limited time and is available only on its online store.

Verizon currently has the following rates for its Unlimited plans (customizable):


The carrier is also offering a 6-month Disney Bundle on its Unlimited Ultimate and Unlimited Plus plans. So not only can you score the Google Pixel 8a for free, you also get a chance to score access to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for free.

If this deal interests you, you can go ahead and pre-order your Pixel 8a over at Verizon.

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