Just like the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, your new Pixel 8a phone would also support being located through Google’s Find My Device network even if it’s turned off or the battery is dead.

This nifty feature relies on some clever hardware. Unlike most phones, the Pixel 8a has a special Bluetooth chip that can reserve power for a few hours after shutdown. This allows it to continue sending out location beacons that other nearby Android devices can pick up.

Those other devices then anonymously upload the location data to Google’s servers, keeping everything encrypted and secure. So, as long as your Pixel 8a had Bluetooth and location services enabled before it died, you’ll have a good chance of tracking it down. This potential functionality was spotted by Mishaal Rahman of Android Authority.

Activating this feature is simple: just opt into the Find My Device network on your phone. Remember, though, that turning off Bluetooth or location services disables Find My Device entirely, even when powered on.

This is a great addition for the Pixel 8a, offering valuable peace of mind. While exclusive to Pixel phones for now, Google is also working with other manufacturers to bring this feature to future Android devices. So, hopefully, finding your lost phone (even when powered off) won’t be a Pixel-exclusive perk for much longer.

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