Google might soon have a new way to handle Google Messages updates, and it might become a real pain point. Keeping apps updated is important, we all know that. Updates bring security patches and new features. But with Messages, Google might be ready to take things a bit far.

Previously, update notifications for Messages would take up half the screen and could be easily dismissed. Now? The update notification could take over your entire screen. Close it, and it pops right back up the next time you open Messages. This cycle repeats until you update the app.

This potentially upcoming feature was spotted by the folks over at Android Authority, who shared a screen recording of the annoying prompt in action. Check it out below (loads from Imgur):

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While keeping apps updated is important, this new system might be a little too aggressive. It’s more annoying than helpful. Hopefully, Google will find a better balance in the future. In the meantime, just be prepared for some persistent update nagging every time you open Messages.

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