Those of you rocking the brand new Android 15 Beta 1 on your Pixel phones can now share your feedback using the build with Google. This is your opportunity to tell the big G what you think of this early glimpse into the next big Android update.

It’s been a little over a week since Google unleashed the Android 15 Beta into the wild, and now they’re hungry for your insights. They want to know everything – from the nitty-gritty like stability and battery life, to how smoothly your favorite apps are running, or if that fancy new camera feature is living up to the hype. Basically, anything and everything that’s come up in your week of using Android 15 Beta 1.

Remember those pesky bugs that seem to pop up at the worst moments? This is your chance to tattle on them! The survey dives into specific areas like Bluetooth connections, fingerprint unlocking, and even how your phone handles data connectivity. Basically, if something isn’t working quite right, now’s the time to let Google know.

In fact, if you’re one of the many who aren’t able to use NFC with this new beta, now’s your chance to get Google to prioritize a fix for the bug.

But it’s not all about the negatives. Google also wants to hear what you’re loving about Android 15 Beta 1. Would you recommend it to your friends? Does it feel like a smoother, more enjoyable experience than the previous build on your Pixel? Your overall impression matters, so don’t hold back!

The Android Beta program is all about user participation, and this feedback survey for Android 15 Beta 1 is your chance to jump right in. By sharing your experiences, you’re directly helping developers identify and squash bugs, improve existing features, and ultimately shape the future of Android.

So grab your Pixel, head over to that survey, and let Google know what you think! After all, a few minutes of your time could make a big difference in the final version of Android 15. That said, if you’re looking to jump onboard the beta bandwagon, I’ve whipped up a straightforward guide on how to do so.

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