Update 1 (April 29, 2024)

12.40 pm (IST): Google is now rolling out Keep reminders in Google Tasks. Google says that over the next year, Keep reminders will be automatically saved to Tasks. This means you’ll be able to view, edit, and complete them from all these different places: Keep itself, Calendar, Tasks, and even Assistant.

Original article (April 17) follows:

Many of you might remember the migration of reminders from Google Assistant and Google Calendar to Google Tasks. This was done over months for a smooth transition during which Google provided in-app notification and texts to make users aware of the migration. In fact, Google even started automatically migrating reminders towards the end. Now you should brace yourselves for another migration. This time Google has its eyes on Google Keep.

In the latest version of Google Tasks (version 2024.04.08.624881071.1-release), Google has added some strings, flags and a URL which hints at the migration of reminders from Google Keep to Tasks. These new additions were spotted by code-digger AssembleDebug and shared with PiunikaWeb. Here are some strings from the Google Tasks app:

<string name="tasks_reminders_migration_keep_migration_info_message">Your reminders from Google Keep (%s) have been added to your tasks</string>
<string name="tasks_from_keep">From Keep</string>
<string name="tasks_notification_open_note">Open note</string>

As you can see, the first string will show up when it finishes adding reminders from Google Keep to Tasks. You will likely have a “From Keep” list to show reminders that were migrated from Google Keep in order to not mess up with your existing tasks. The third string seems to be indicating toward opening the note in which the reminder was created.

Other than these strings, the tipster noted that they came across a URL (https://support.google.com/keep?p=keep-reminders-migration) which clearly hints at the migration of Google Keep reminders. Unfortunately, the page is not live yet, it just redirects to main Google Keep support page.

Last but not the least, they added some flags as well. The tipster claims they activated these flags but couldn’t get anything to show up related to the option to migrate reminders from Google Keep to Taks. We presume that it’s because Google needs to add a few more finishing touches. Here are the flags:

  • ShowKeepMigrationToast_enabled
  • ShowKeepChips_enabled

While all this sounds good and maybe even useful for those who use Google Tasks. The concern here is that Google might consider removing reminders from Google Keep entirely. It wouldn’t be surprising considering what we saw with Google Assistant and Google Calendar.

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