Soon after reports emerged that Magic Editor was coming to non-Pixel users, Google has announced it will make some of its Pixel-exclusive AI-powered photo editing tools within Google Photos available to everyone, regardless of their device or Google One subscription status. Starting May 15, just a day after the company’s annual Google I/O developer event where the Pixel 8a is also expected to be unveiled, tools like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light will be free for Android and iOS users alike.

Previously exclusive to Google Pixel phones and Google One subscribers, these tools leverage sophisticated AI algorithms to perform impressive editing feats. Magic Eraser seamlessly removes unwanted distractions from your photos, while Photo Unblur can rescue blurry images and Portrait Light enhances lighting on faces.

Even the Magic Editor, originally introduced on the Pixel 8 series, will expand beyond its Google-made boundaries. All Android and iOS users will have access to Magic Editor with a generous allowance of 10 saves per month. For more than 10 saves, you’ll have to subscribe to Google One. This AI-driven tool simplifies complex editing tasks, enabling users to achieve professional-looking results with ease.

To take advantage of these Google Photos’ AI editing tools, your device should have at least 4GB of RAM and run on Android 8.0, iOS 15, or newer versions. If you wish to continue using Magic Editor beyond the 10-save limit, there are two options:

  • Upgrade to a Google One premium plan (2TB or above). This will unlock unlimited Magic Editor use and a host of other Google services.
  • Buy a Google Pixel phone (even the original Pixel 1). According to Google, Pixel owners will retain unlimited access to Magic Editor, including those not subscribed to Google One.

While features like Video Boost, Audio Eraser, and Best Take will remain exclusive to Pixel 8 devices, this widespread rollout of editing tools shows Google’s commitment to making advanced AI accessible to a broader audience.

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