Google’s potential design changes for status bar icons in Android 15 have sparked heated debate among Pixel users. The fresh look, harkening back to a pre-Material Design era, is receiving significant criticism in early feedback forums.

The proposed Android 15 update aims to introduce segmented designs for several status bar icons. Additionally, the much-requested feature of displaying the battery percentage directly within the battery icon itself may finally become a reality. However, these changes have not been met with universal enthusiasm.

Old (top) vs New (bottom) status icons

Some Pixel users are voicing their disapproval, expressing concerns that Google is making changes simply for the sake of it. Comments like “Google doing things for the sake of change…. Now design theme looks weird once more” and “Wow! That does not look good” reflect a concerning sentiment of dissatisfaction.

Pixel users strongly advocate for greater customization options. “Wild if there’s no option to choose different status bars. That’s like Android’s whole thing being highly customizable,” highlights the desire for the freedom to tailor the Android experience. The backlash to the proposed changes hasn’t entirely fallen on deaf ears. A fan-made concept design is gaining positive attention within the community, offering a potential alternative that aligns more closely with user preferences. You can check it out below:


But will Google listen? Well, it remains to be seen whether Google will take this early feedback into consideration as devs continue to refine Android 15. The strong reactions and calls for customization highlight the importance of user input in shaping the direction of Android’s design evolution.

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