Google’s April 2024 update brought good news for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users plagued by a frustrating camera bug — the image re-exposure issue is now fixed. This glitch prevented users from adjusting exposure with a tap anywhere on the viewfinder, a staple Pixel camera feature.

The image re-exposure issue initially appeared confined to the Pixel 8 series, but reports quickly surfaced from Pixel 7 owners, indicating a more widespread problem. Unfortunately, the April update’s fix specifically targets the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, leaving Pixel 7 users still struggling with the bug.

Fix for issue where users are unable to re-expose image after tapping anywhere on the viewfinder.

This is somewhat disappointing for affected Pixel 7 owners. While it’s unclear why Google didn’t address the issue for both phone generations, it’s possible they determined the Pixel 7 didn’t require a similar fix. Or maybe they are still working on a solution specific to the last-gen series.

Hopefully, Google will acknowledge the lingering issue on the Pixel 7 or at least provide a solution for those still experiencing the problem in the near future.

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