For a limited time, Best Buy Canada is offering a price reduction on the unlocked Google Pixel 7a (128GB) in Charcoal color. You can buy this phone for just CAD 399.99 ($295), representing a discount of CAD 200 ($147) on retail value. Furthermore, until April 3, customers who purchase a qualifying unlocked phone, including the Google Pixel 7a, can enjoy a discount of up to 25% on select LBT or Tuff8 cell phone accessories. This is an excellent opportunity to safeguard your new phone with a high-quality case or screen protector at a reduced cost.

Pixel 7a contract options with carrier plans

For those who prefer the convenience of a bundled phone plan, Best Buy Canada offers the Google Pixel 7a with contracts from various leading Canadian carriers. These plans typically involve a two-year commitment and offer the phone at CAD 0 down payment. Here’s a closer look at the plans available:

  • Telus: CAD 0 monthly payments for 24 months with a full device price of CAD 700 ($516). Additionally, Telus sweetens the deal with a CAD 150 ($110) Best Buy gift card upon activation.
  • Freedom Mobile: Similar to Telus, Freedom Mobile offers CAD 0 monthly payments spread over 24 months. The full device price is slightly lower at CAD 648 ($478), and activation rewards you with a CAD 100 ($73) Best Buy gift card.
  • Koodo, Bell, Fido, Rogers: These carriers offer the Google Pixel 7a with CAD 0 down payment and CAD 0 monthly payments for 24 months. The full device price remains at CAD 700 ($516), and activation grants you a CAD 150 ($110) Best Buy gift card with each carrier.
  • Virgin Plus: Virgin Plus stands out with a slightly different pricing structure. Here, you pay a symbolic CAD 1.00 ($0.74) per month for 24 months, with the full device price remaining at CAD 700 ($516). However, activation still rewards you with a generous CAD 150 ($110) Best Buy gift card.

There are some deals on Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 as well from Best Buy in Canada.

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